Shiloh 2020 Breaking Limit – What Exactly is Shiloh | Shiloh Breaking Limits 2019 Live Broadcast DetailsShiloh 2020 Breaking Limit – What Exactly is Shiloh | Shiloh Breaking Limits 2019 Live Broadcast Details

Shiloh 2020 Breaking Limit – What Exactly is Shiloh | Shiloh Breaking Limits 2019 Live Broadcast Details

2019 Shiloh theme is known as breaking limit but what is Shiloh 2020 Breaking Limit? Shiloh is actually one of the most attended and popular conventions in Nigeria. Each year in Canaan Land, the annual program would be announced having its own theme. As you all know, Shiloh will be starting soon.

Shiloh 2020 Breaking Limit

Shiloh 2020 Breaking Limit

Still wondering what the Shiloh theme for 2020 is? Shiloh Breaking limit was announced as the theme for 2019. 2019 Shiloh promises to be a really breaking limits for all those expecting to hear from God. Before moving on to theme for 2020 is for Shiloh, let’s know what Shiloh means.

Shiloh Breaking Limits 2019 Live Broadcast Details

If you’re wondering about when the live broadcast will start. Here’s the schedule for the live broadcast;

  • Shiloh Breaking Limits 2019 Live cast: Special Service will be broadcasted between the hours of 5:30 am to 6: 30 am.
  • The morning hour of visitation prayer will start from 7:00 am to 10: 30 am.
  • The live cast for healing classes will start between 11:00 am to 12 noon.
  • Youth Alive cast will come up from 3 pm.
  • Minister’s conference will start at 1 pm.

The above are some details about the live cast of Shiloh 2019, which might be changed. The program is known to run accordingly as the past ones, but there might be changes this year.

Live Broadcast Prayer Guidelines

Here are the prayer guidelines from Winners Chapel from the previous event;

  • Father, thank you for the impact of Shiloh 2019 in the lives of all the attendants or participants.
  • Father, Thank you for the turnaround testimonies, healing, and deliverance from the past events.
  • Father, We thank you for the manifestation of your presence that resulted in Heaven on Earth visitations in Shiloh.


What Exactly is Shiloh?

Shiloh was mentioned in the Bible to be a place for worshipping and praising God. It is an ancient city in Samaria. Shiloh is held every year by Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel in December. Each year has a theme to it to use the whole year until the next one. It is held in Canaanland in Ota, Ogun, Nigeria. and also the Winners branches worldwide.  So what exactly is brings 2020 to Breaking Limits theme for 2019?

What is Shiloh 2020 Breaking Limit?

Shiloh has been a gathering of the saints. The theme for 2019 was announced to be Breaking Limits. Each year, the theme announced is the one that will be used in the next year until December when the new one would hold. That is to say, the Breaking limit 2019 will be used in 2020 until it will be changed in December.


When is Shiloh 2019 Date?

2019 Shiloh has been announced to commence on the 3 of December until the 8 of December. It is a program nobody should miss. Lots of individuals ave attended the program and they come with testimonies. All the preparation are actually on deck as it is fast approaching. The purpose of the program is to usher God’s visitation to his People. It actually marks the end of the church year.


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