LeapLife – Get 50% after 12 Days Naira – [Incompetent] Don’t Invest Again!

Have you heard of LeapLife?


This platform has been flagged and is no longer trusted.

Participants account are blocked without any cogent reason and you are matched to recommit before you can Get Help.

This is not how it is done. LeapLife is full of incompetent Admins.

I called one of their managers and with his spoken English alone, the website is a scam…. I sent series of messages to support but no action after weeks.

There are other platforms you can try out…

Premium Wealth —> 60% in 21 days (Read more)

Elite Hub –> 50% in 12 days (Read more)

As the word implies… Leap + Life (the meaning means make money… Hahaha!)

Its all about changing lives financially.

50% in 12 Days… Is it possible?

Of course it is, how?….

What crashes a system is when you GH and don’t recycle… A website doesn’t have ATM Machine installed.

Nice one! LeapLife encourages that, there is recommitment feature installed.

About Leap Life Nigeria..

Official Web Address –> LeapLife.net

Birth date –> 20th February, 2017 (According to Whois)

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LEAPLIFE is an online mutual help community committed to enriching lives and making the world a better place.

Over some months, it has proven profound integrity and credibility in all its dealings making it one of the world’s most trusted mutual help platforms.

It’s mechanism is simple; you provide help to someone in the community and get a huge percentage profit on your deposits(50% for local currency and 100% for bitcoin).

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LeapLife (Things to note)

  • You get 50% in 12 days (Naira)
  • You get 100% in 12 days (Bitcoin)
  • 10% referral bonus
  • Minimum PH —> N10,000
  • Maximum PH –> N1,000,000
  • Recommitment feature –> this works when you don’t have a pending PH during GH, you will be asked to create a PH order in which your initial PH will be the minimum PH…
  • Let’s say you Provided Help of N50,000, when placing a GH request, you will be asked to create another N50,000 pledge or higher … Then you can now proceed with the GH which you will matched immediately.
  • You will be matched on the 5th day after making a pledge so get cash ready before PH
  • You cannot cancel a PH order after creation, no time for dulling.
  • You have to contact support if you want to change your bank account details.

LeapLife Registration

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Is LeapLife really working?

Yes! Its okay and participants are dedicated…

Leap life

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Gat Questions? Please use the comment box.

LeapLife – Get 50% after 12 Days Naira – [Incompetent] Don’t Invest Again!


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