The Best Writing Apps for Android Devices ⋆ NGScholars

The Best Writing Apps for Android Devices ⋆ NGScholars

While managing writing assignments, many students often use some writing apps to get the tasks done. However, you do not necessarily need to have a full word processor for your computer or smartphone to finish your writing tasks. This is because they have very many options which can offer you more distractions than anything else. Thus, you need to look for efficient writing apps which can help you complete your tasks faster and with ease without any distractions.

Android Writing Apps

An expert Kenny Gill from CustomEssayOrder confirms that the ideal writing apps for your Android smartphone are those which comprise of trifling or fewer interfaces and smartphone-explicit designs. And to get these Android writer apps, you have to scour through the Google Play Store. Below are some of the android writing apps you can use to manage your writing tasks.


Beginning your writing tasks with an app which is not a full-on word processor technically can be challenging. However, ColorNote is an android writing app that can help you out immensely. You do not have to undergo the convolution or obscurity of opening a more comprehensive app to write things on your Android device quickly. For many people, ColorNote is an app which primarily revolves around taking notes. But, that is not what it is mainly used for. It has many beneficial features you can use, such as changing fonts, writing emails, noting background colors, and setting reminders, among others. You can set every page as individual widgets when you write up on any of your home-screens and use a Search function to scrutinize or go through your scribblings.

So, if you are a writer trying to figure out how you can note down your ruminations or quickly jot down something you will remind yourself about later, then ColorNote is the ideal Android writing app for you.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office apps are usually associated with various elaborate features and unnecessary obscurities or intricacies. They are efficient in creating ostentatious or flamboyant and detailed documents which resemble the type of documents you would create on a personal computer. Additionally, Microsoft Word is fast and easy to use, particularly if you wish to complete some writing.

This writing app has been undergoing adjustments to make it easy and comfortable to use. It has been modified to a nice and minimal design presenting writers with options to search their documents for particular words and phrases, highlighting, and formatting options.

iA Writer

iA Writer is one of the best android writing apps you can use to manage your tasks. It has long been used on OS X and iOS devices until its debut in the Android ecosystem. It has become among the most preferred writing app for Android users. iA Writer offers many features which give it an edge over other writing apps. It incorporates full markdown support and a preview mode which is easily accessible if you swipe across the screen. Apart from creating files, you can use iA Writer to access documents on Dropbox and Google Drive, such as the essay writing service.

Moreover, you can use iA Writer to export your documents into various formats such as MS Word, HTML, and PDF, among others. Furthermore, you can use it to publish to directly. However, you ought to have an integration token to enable this feature.


Monospace is a letter writing app for Android which allows you to concentrate on your writing without getting distracted. It does not offer numerous features like iA Writer and other apps, but it does have its advantages.

When you install it, you are greeted by a clean and well-designed interface which you will be more comfortable with. Monospace Writer comes with basic formatting options such as underline, italics, bold, and block-quotes. You can use hashtags to organize related documents and export them to plain text or Markdown. Additionally, this writing app features Google Drive and Dropbox integration. However, Google Drive is available only in the pro version format.  

Writer Plus

Writer Plus is another book writing app android which rate highly on Play Store. It is not only a free app but also boasts various features you may develop an interest in. Its user interface lists all your documents vertically on the screen. Also, you can avoid encumbering up the app by organizing your documents into folders. Creating a new document is very easy. To get started you need to click the floating plus sign at the bottom of your screen.

Writer Plus has markdown formatting options and keyboard shortcuts convenient for a writer using a Bluetooth keyboard. Some of its other features incorporate night mode, undo and redo, and word and character count. Nonetheless, you are constrained to work with local files.

In conclusion, there are various writing apps you can use to manage your writing tasks. You do not need to necessarily rely on pre written essay to handle your assignments. These apps can enable you to enjoy a pleasurable writing experience on your smartphone. They have unique basic writing features which you can use to write and edit your document. So, if you are wondering some of the best writing apps you can use, consider the above.


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