11 Ways To Be Confident

Being confident is one of the
most important attribute a man or
woman can have but in most cases is mis-interpreted as pride or arrogance.
I was not so confident of myself because i am slightly introverted but following made a little extroverted so here are some few tips to help you stay confident.

1. Hold Eye Contact
When talking to people, learn to look
them straight in the eye. This gives you
power over them and it also makes your
words honest because people trust you
the more if you look them in the eyes
while talking to them. It shows that
you’re not shy nor afraid.
2. Walk With A Good Posture
Walking sluggishly is a sign that you lack
confidence. Learn to keep your chin up,
shoulders high and back straight when
walking. This gives you a confident
posture and makes people respect you.


3. Motivate Yourself
Don’t wait for people to inspire you to
do something or tell you how good you
are. You must learn to motivate yourself
to get things done because you are
capable. If you rely too much on people,
they tend to believe that you don’t
believe in yourself.


4. Surround Yourself With The
Right People
Don’t associate with people who only
know how to bring out your weakness
and are full of negativity. Surround
yourself with people who will point out
your great assets and accept your
weaknesses while helping you
overcome them.


5. Love Life
No matter what you do, life comes with
its ups and downs, learn to love and
don’t let just one bad fall control your
entire life. It’s not about falling or about
failing, it’s about rising after a fall and
fighting on.


6. Love Yourself
Loving yourself gives you a confident
outlook because it offers you an
opportunity to accept who you are, your
flaws and strengths. Once this is done, it
tells on you and that’s how people will
also accept you.


7. Dress To Impress
Don’t let people or society decide what
you need to wear, learn to dress to
impress. Your dressing must be able to
turn heads and when that happens, you
will automatically feel confidence surge
through your veins. Appearance is very


8. Feel Confident
One best way of staying confident is to
learn to feel it and the rest will take its
course. If you want people to see you as
a confident person, you need to exude
confidence in the way you talk, walk,
greet and relate with people.

9. Talk To Yourself
Learn to talk to yourself when you’re
alone and sometimes look in the mirror
and tell yourself how confident you’re
and all the best things you can do to
change the world. Speak some positivity
into your life.


10. Smile
Smiling is contagious so always have a
smile on your face. Once people see your
smile, they’ll smile back and this will
boost your confidence since their
reception will be very warm.


11. Say a thing and maintain it.
Ya i added this as the last because on of the greatest signs of maturity is your ability to say NO and mean it. If you are someone who says a thing and does not stand by it, people wont take you serious and you in turn loose confidence in yourself.


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