2 Rules All Must Obey In Order To Become Rich Which You Probably Don’t

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At some point, you might have wondered how these rich men became what they are, Rich! And you might come across some answers to your questions while other times, you just won’t.

Well, today I have two of their golden rules for getting and staying Rich! I am not sure if millionaire anyway but I know one or two things about how these people make their wealth and that’s what I intend to share here.

Note: there’s no particular order of importance as both tips are equally very important.

Rule 1: Thou shalt not Waste Money

This ain’t coming from the Bible buddy. However, even the Bible points to something very similar to this. The Bible made us to understand that when Jesus fed thousands with just some loaves of bread and some fish, he ordered his disciples to pick up the crumbs that fell on the floor as they can’t be left to be wasted.

In the same manner, you should not be careless with the wealth which you already have because they are the ones that will give rise to more in the future! Understanding this will help you to manage your money better and ultimately walk you through the process of becoming Richer daily!

Some of us spend money on things we don’t need or use. Let me show you how this is bad.
When you spend money on things you don’t need, you are locking the money up and it’s not providing any value for you.
It’s not FLOWING so it can’t do any work for you.
As a currency, money is meant to FLOW. it’s by this activity that it’s able to increase. But when you buy stuff you don’t need, you are removing the ability of money to flow and it can’t grow instead it depreciates.

Someone said,
the easiest way to double your money is by

Makes sense?
Maybe not, in that case, I’ll make it clearer….

Sometimes, instead of spending money on things which will serve no purpose for us, it pays to quietly put our money back and this doubles the money. Here’s how…

By refraining yourself from spending, and putting your money back, you have gotten 2* richer than you were when you brought out the money to spent because you now have two times the amount you wanted to spend!

So, we have to be very careful how we spend money as our actions can sometimes be against us and our plans for our lives. Don’t waste money instead put it to work by investing!
Rule 2: Thou shall pay thyself 1/10 of all thy Earnings

I always bring this one up and it’s for a reason. It’s wisdom from ancient times and few things beat that.

For every 1000 naira that you earn, you should, sorry, I meant MUST set apart 100 naira as a payment for yourself by yourself.

By gradual accumulation of wealth in this form as well as guided and secure investments, you will be able to ensure a secure future for yourself and your family.

Do not take these words/instructions lightly as they have helped some people to make money in the past.

They shall help you to if you are learn them by heart and live by them!

2 Rules All Must Obey In Order To Become Rich Which You Probably Don't

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