3 Things I Learned From My Mentor, Mark That I’ll Work Towards In 2017

I don’t really know what your Mentor means to you or how you select them but I have some of them myself, mostly people who don’t even know I exist basically. Hopefully, someday, they will get to know how much they meant to me and how much I depended on them for inspiration and all.

One of my Mentors is Mark Zuckerberg

Needless to say, he’s someone that took the world by surprise and I picked him for a reason, some reasons actually and he hasn’t fallen short of expectations nor does he seem to do so soon!

However, I learned some things from Mark Zuckerberg which I intend to work towards in 2017.

I’ll list some of them below and you are welcome to consider adding them to your list.

Meanwhile, am not a fan of new year resolutions and sorts because of the way people use them these days.
Just like am not a fan of the “I love you” thing because of the way people abuse them!

But then, this is one I carefully picked myself and intend to work towards them with renewed inspiration each day because I think that’s what makes the difference between this and the normal new year resolutions.

So, what did I learn from Mark?

1. To smile more!
mark smiles.png
Of all the people like him, I think Mark Zuckerberg smiles most.
Obviously, he’s not smiling because he’s a Billionaire because everything else he does shows little indication of his worth – a billionaire. And maybe he’s not been that smiling type from before but now he is and it’s more or less become a part of him.

Well, here’s what the phone I bought just yesterday told me..
Smile 2017.png
It simply says smile more, it makes you beautiful.

Well, that’s not exactly the reason why I wanna be smiling but heck, it’s in line right?

And for personal reasons too, I have decided to listen to Mark, this picture and myself and develop that habit of smiling MORE !

So please, If you see me and am not cheerful, don’t give it a second.
Please remind me of this. I’ll appreciate a lot!




  • 2. To Read more Books
    read books.png
    Sure am a student and am bound to read books but it’s beyond that. In school we read Academic books but who said that’s all we should be reading?

    That’s exactly why am going to apply the same principles my mentor applied here.
    Well, he read about 2 books each month and I have plans of doing the same.

    I was surprised when he mentioned it in a video towards the end of the year.

    In the video he made @ Facebook Headquarters, he showed his current book lying on his work desk.
    He’s taking it seriously as i thought he would and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

    How am gonna read these Books

    I hope to read with my phone though. Possibly pdf as I don’t think I’ll be able to carry hard copies around with me.

    There’s a little modification that I intend to do here.

    Mark read 2 books each month and had read 24 in the last year.
    If I do the same, I will always be Lagging behind and am sure he doesn’t want me to be doing that.
    I hope to read 3 each month so by next year, I will catch up with him in this regards and am sure he’ll be happy about that.
    So, that’s it.
    3 books per month & 36 in a year, starting of course from today!

    Thanks again Mark for the tip.

  • 3. Adapt &/Or Effect
    That’s the last of them all.
    Adapting can mean different things for different people but I know what it means to me which I trust is the real meaning of adapting & that’s what am after.

    Some people can adapt to becoming wretched and other can adapt to pressure and make the most of it while others can equally adapt to their new life style.

    At some time, it’s best to effect/change stuff instead of being OK with what’s at hand.

    With Wisdom which God blesses us with, we can know when to do one or the other and I hope to adapt and effect accordingly in order to encourage overall positive growth for myself, those around me and Nigeria @ large.

    I think this is the one most people won’t understand and others will take it for granted but it’s another aspect of life that yet holds much promise for those that walk in it’s path.

    I wish you do best in this regards and I hope to do the same. So help me God!

  • Uhm, lest I forget…

    You are welcome to leave your comments on this issue and if you have ANY TIPS that may help me achieve any of those efficiently, you are welcome to share them here too.

    Also, you can share your own resolutions and I’ll comment on them too!


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