7 secrets on how to be great in 2017

7 secrets on how to be great in 2017

7 secrets on how to be great in 2017

How to be great in 2017

7 secrets to Become great in 2017

It’s 2017 and everyone is set, having great and high hopes to make this year a successful one. We will be listing some secrets that have stand the test of time.

If you are able to follow these steps you will be very great this year.

Here are 7 tips that will help you be a great person this year 2017.

1. You need to stop procrastinating

Approximately 99% of people today are guilty of this, it has been said that procrastination is the greatest thief of joy, it will only delay you from doing what you want to do, making it take longer before making a move. Do you know that many people’s destiny has been buried as a result of procrastination?

In 2017, you need to be more prompt and smart with every decision you make.

Start doing anything you want to do now, there is no better time than now, trust me, just do it, you can do it.

2. Reduce every social media activities:

If your work doesn’t really tally with social media, then I will advise you to stop it, make sure you are doing something very tangible with your time.

You shouldn’t be wasting much time on social media instead, develop your skills, talents, do something more meaningful.

And if at all, you want to stay online, try researching more about your talent, increase in knowledge by learning more.

3. Be positive in all aspect

Enough of the words that will down cast you. As a man thinks in his heart so he is, the things you think, the things you see, the things you hear will build you, try as much as possible to stay with positive people, always think positive.

You need to also start telling yourself words like, ‘I can do it’, I’m awesome, compliment yourself with good words. It take only you to use your talent, it takes only you to succeed.

There is something different about every one, See the good in yourself, have a sense of purpose for yourself, and keep your dreams alive with those who are positive; and above all, always evaluate your life.

4. Stop using ‘busy’ to ignore your loved ones

In this year, no matter how busy you are, try as much as possible to keep a good relationship with your loved ones. Don’t allow your work take their place; you need to realize that they will be there for you when your work is no more…

5. Stop comparing yourself with others

We all have our life to live, we all are created with different talents, dreams e.t.c. the truth is, we all are very, very unique, our finger prints are different, we are not born at the same hour, seconds, and minute. That alone has made us unique from each other.

So it’s time to be you, and stop comparing yourself to anyone.

6. Work hard

You need to start working as bad as you want to breath, start doing something of value, the truth is, every true successful person must have scars, enjoy the hustle, but while hustling, try to always keep reminding yourself of the rewards, the things you want to achieve, the things you want to change.

Be focused, be determined, work smart, think fast. Believe in God and you’ll succeed.

7. You are not perfect

It is very good to create value, but you need to realize that we all are not perfect, no one is. Try to make mistakes and seek corrections. Don’t hide and cover your mistakes, make them, and correct yourself.

This will help you improve on yourself.

If you can do these things, then I assure you a great year ahead.

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