Problems Never Really Ends, We Should Stop Avoiding Them

It took me some time to realize that. In the end, I am convinced that troubles never really stop coming. So instead of trying to skip away from them, it makes the most sense to embrace them and act accordingly towards solving them each time they surface.

My little experience with troubles
I have tried in the past to avoid as much troubles as I could but there is no place or situation without it’s own fair share of troubles waiting just for anyone who cares to come around.

So, running away from trouble actually means, avoiding one for another..

There’s more to it.

When you run away from any trouble, you’ll most likely meet with another that you didn’t expect and it will even seem bigger because in fact you weren’t expecting it at that point.
That’s why you were running in the first place right?
So, it may take you by surprised.

But I think the worst part of running away from trouble is the fact that it will potentially grow bigger.

Retreating has never really been a good tactics in war.
And in the book, The Art of war, the author said that,

So, you see?
By having that no-losing attitude, one can be able to conquer problems much bigger than he is.

On the other hand, if one is afraid, he’s simply channeling all his energy on devicing escape roots and that doesn’t eliminate the presence or effect of the trouble in question.
Instead, it leaves it unattended to and allows it more unguarded grounds to exploit.


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