How to get rid of notification.apk (com.rlk.frameworkservice.1.0.6) disturbanceHow to get rid of notification.apk (com.rlk.frameworkservice.1.0.6) disturbance

How to get rid of notification.apk (com.rlk.frameworkservice.1.0.6) disturbance

I didn’t know how I got it.
It’s always bringing notifications of games to download or news.
I uninstalled it and it comes back in 30 minutes.

How to get rid of notification.apk (com.rlk.frameworkservice.1.0.6) disturbance


Used to have the problem on my device.

What I did. Disabled unknown source, uninstalled the app, restricted background data of every app.
Uninstalled all apps not from playstore.
It still came back.

What may have worked.
Installed addons detector from play store.
Tracked the app details with zipper and found the app vendor to be com.rlk.frameworkservice.
Phone not rooted so I was sure it was being installed by another app.
Did further tracing to locate its source found it in the root of my internal storage.
Uninstalled and deleted it, it came back, I then renamed it to .notification.apk and uninstalled it without deleting it.
No problem over 3 weeks till now.


Suspected carrier.
Jumia.apk app not downloaded from playstore.


Inconveniences it cause.
Had to delay selling the device because of it, didn’t want to sell someone a phone with possible virus infection(phone sold after two weeks of observation buyer is a close friend so the phone is still being monitored}

Data usage:
Less than 200kb per notification.


Virus detection:
No antivirus flags it as virus yet. It maybe usuing an advance virus/malware/fraudware still unknown to scanners, or it’s just an harmless ads app harmful to your device and data.


I hope this works for anyone, “notification” app is the worst experience I have had during my years of using mobile phones, having no control of what comes into a phone can be very painful.

  1. Remmy Masinde says

    Thanks a million!
    I have been frustrated by this notification app for over a month now. Your suggestion seems to have worked, it is now 5 hrs without it reinstalling. However for my case the root folder had com.rlk.frameworkservice.apk which i changed to .com.rlk.frameworkservice.apk.
    Thank you.

    1. Jedixraja says


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