[Lyrics] CKay – “Turnioniown” Music

[Lyrics] CKay – “Turnioniown” Music

What the fuck men?
Nobody is turning Nigeria
It’s just Turnioniown
Oh aahh
Ckay yoyo

Nigeria turnioniown
The government turnioniown
Economy turnioniown
Everything turnioniown
Electricity offing oniown
Everything turnioniown
Food price is rising oniown

[Verse 1]
I don’t see no change in sight
Everything wey dem tell us na lie
I don’t even know who to vote for
I don’t even know
I don’t even know who to support
I don’t even know

Nobody falling the Naira but e falling oniown
Nobody offing the light but e offing oniown
Nobody chopping the money but e chopping oniown
Nobody strike the ASUU but e striking oniown


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