Glo Data Plans 2018: Bundles, Subscription Codes & PricesGlo Data Plans 2018: Bundles, Subscription Codes & Prices

Glo Data Plans 2018: Bundles, Subscription Codes & Prices

Glo data plans are by far the cheapest you can get in Nigeria, and that’s why the company prides itself as being “the Grandmasters of data”.

Whether you’re a heavy data user or a light user, you’ll find your perfect choice from Glo’s list of data bundles. And whether you use a PC modem, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device, Glo has the right plans for you.


Before you go ahead to choose a suitable Glo data plan for your Android phone or tablet, be sure to confirm that Glo Nigeria’s 3G signal is very strong in your area. If you’re in a location where Glo’s 3G connectivity is weak, I strongly recommend that you opt for data plans by MTN, Airtel, or 9mobile, instead.

Glo Data Plans, Codes & Prices

Plan Name & PriceData VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
N25 DATA PLAN10MB + 2.5MB BONUS1 Day32*127*32#
N50 DATA PLAN22MB + 5.5MB BONUS1 Day14*127*14#
N100 DATAPLAN80MB + 20MB BONUS1 Day51*127*51#
N200 DATA PLAN210MB + 52MB BONUS5 Days56*127*56#
N500 DATA PLAN800MB + 200MB BONUS14 Days57*127*57#
N1,000 DATA PLAN1.6GB + 400MB BONUS30 Days53*127*53#
N2000 DATA PLAN3.65GB + 900MB BONUS30 Days55*127*55#
N2,500 DATA PLAN5.75GB + 1.5GB BONUS30 Days58*127*58#
N3,000 DATA PLAN7GB + 1.75GB BONUS30 Days54*127*54#
N4,000 DATA PLAN10GB + 2.5GB BONUS30 Days59*127*59#
N5,000 DATA PLAN12.5GB + 3GB BONUS30 Days11*127*2#
N8,000 DATA PLAN20GB + 5GB BONUS30 Days12*127*1#
N10,000 DATA PLAN26GB + 6.5GB BONUS30 Days15*127*11#
N15,000 DATA PLAN42GB + 10.5GB BONUS30 Days16*127*12#
N18,000 DATA PLAN50GB + 12.5GB BONUS30 Days17*127*13#
N20,000 DATA PLAN63GB + 15.75GB BONUS30 Days33*127*33#

Important things to note about Glo data plans

  • If you renew your data before it expires, you’ll get extra data volume on subscription.
  • All plans are available to new and existing Glo customers.
  • You can auto-renew with a lower plan, and you’d still get the extra data bonus that comes with that lower
  • All plans can be gifted and shared with other Glo subscribers.
  • All plans work on modems, routers, and mobile routers — as much as the devce contains an active Glo SIM card.
  • If you buy any plan worth N500 and above, you’ll be able to enjoy free YouTube access between 1am and 5.30am.
  • If you buy any plan worth N2000 and above, you’ll be able to enjoy over 10,000 hours of movies from iFlix.

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Glo Flexi Plans (for Video Streaming, etc)

Glo offers time-bound plans, called “Flexi” plans. These plans are not limited in terms of data capacity. Rather, they have specific time frames allocated to them. Here they are:

Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValiditySMS to 127USSD Code
TGIF – N500_WEEKEND_PLAN5003GB7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm)61*127*61#
N200_NIGHT_PLAN2001GB1 day (12am – 5am)60*127*60#
G 1006,0004GB100 Hrs or 30 days20*127*5#
G 30015,00012GB300 Hrs or 3 Months21*127*4#
G-Leisure5,00012GB8PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends30*127*7#
G-Work6,00012GB8 AM to 9 PM31*127*6#

Glo Campus Data Booster Plans

These plans are new packages that offer up to 10 times the value of data subscription to Nigerian students on campus — at no extra charges. These packages are available on Nigerian campuses nationwide.

PriceDataOff-CampusOn-CampusGlo to Glo BonusFree Data for GiftingValidity
N100100MB100MB225MBN10025MB2 days
N200200MB200MB450MBN20050MB4 days
N10001GB1GB2.25GBN1000250MB15 days
N20002GB2GB4.5GBN2000500MB30 days
N50005GB5GB11.2GBN50001250MB30 days

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If you need more information or you have any questions on the Glo Campus Data Booster Plans, click here.

Best Glo Data Plans for Android Devices in Nigeria

Here is the list of plans under the package:

  • N50 plan: gives you 30MB valid for 24 hours (to subscribe, dial *124*14#)
  • N100 plan: gives you 100MB valid for 24 hours (to subscribe, dial *127*51#)
  • N200 plan: gives you 200MB valid for 72 hours (to subscribe, dial *127*56#)
  • N1000 plan: gives you 2GB of data (to subscribe, dial *127*53#)
  • N2,000 plan: gives you 6GB of data (to subscribe, text “55” to 127, or dial *127*55#)
  • N3,000 plan: gives you 12GB of data (to subscribe, text “54” to 127, or dial *127*54#)
  • N2,500 plan (So Special): gives you 10GB of data (to subscribe, text “58” to 127, or dial *127*58#)
  • N4,000 plan: gives you 18GB of data (to subscribe, dial *127*59#)
  • N5,000 plan: gives you 24GB of data (to subscribe, text “11” to 127, or dial *127*11#)
  • N8,000 plan: gives you 48GB of data (to subscribe, text “12” to 127, or dial *127*12#)

From the list, you’ll see that the best Glo data plan (for now) is the So Special plan, which gives you access to 4.5GB of data (24/7) for 30 days for just N2,500. Again, to subscribe to this awesome plan, text “58” to 127, or dial *127*58#.

Codes for additional information about Glo data plans

  • To verify whether the promo is still on, text “MENU” to 127.
  • To check your data bundle balance, text “INFO” to 127.
  • To cancel your subscription to any Glo data plan, text “CANCEL” to 127.

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