Horticulture Companies in Nigeria: The Full ListHorticulture Companies in Nigeria: The Full List

Horticulture Companies in Nigeria: The Full List

Horticulture is the art and practice of garden cultivation and management. It involves landscape restoration, landscape and garden design as well as construction and maintenance.

In Nigeria, there are companies that offer these services to individuals and organizations for a fee and in this post, we’ve decided to take a look at these companies.

Top Horticulture Companies in Nigeria

horticulture companies in nigeria

Omar Gardens

The company is located on Plot 11, Layi Yussuff Crescent, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos.

Omar Gardens is a horticulture and landscape company providing excellent garden solutions to its numerous clients since 1990.

The company was set up with the mission of to design and create beautiful and useful spaces for clients that are in perfect harmony with the environment, thus achieving the purest of human pleasures, and profitably capturing a large segment of the market; corporate and individual.

Over the last two decades, Omar Gardens has grown quite well and the company is set to be the partner of choice for the provision of excellent landscaping services and habitat development, as well as a challenging and innovative place to work.

Turf & Garden Nigeria

Turf & Garden is a company that is inspired by the beauty of nature. The company is involved in the design and construction of golf course, lawn care, sports turfs, recreational parks, playground as well as anything related to horticulture.

The turfs are made from exclusive and most durable materials that last long over the years and the surroundings always wear a beautiful green grass look all year. Also, these turfs help to drive the performance of athletes in all sporting activities.

Turf and Garden synthetic grasses and flowers can be used anywhere and these products are cheap to maintain as they don’t require mowing, fertilizing and watering.

G Clean Nigeria Ltd

Located along Lekki Ekpe Expressway, Eti Osa, Lagos, P.G Clean Nigeria Limited is another prominent horticulture company in Nigeria. The company is also engaged in general cleaning alongside its horticulture services.

Everkleen Environmental Services

Everkleen is located at JAO Plaza on 22 Ekoro Road, Abule Egba, Lagos. The company is a full service environment service provider offering cleaning and horticulture services.

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Rosety Gardens

Roseti is a floral decorator and horticulture company. It is located in Iponri, Surulere and the company is engaged primarily in providing fresh cut flowers and floral accessories in Lagos.

Hedoniek Landscape Contractors Limited

Located on 123 Aina Street, Ojodu, Ikeja, Hedoniek is a horticulture company that has been providing outstanding service to client for over 25 years. The company is involved in landscaping of private homes, industrial layout, public parks as well as football pitch construction.

Overall, Hedoniek is involved in the designing, maintenance, construction, irrigation, dtainage, erosion, control, stone walls, African Gazebos Water Features and Lighting for residential and commercial clients which includes State Governments and Industrial Premises.

Elizabeth Alfred

Located in Old GRA, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Elizabeth Alfred is a prominent horticulture company serve the Niger Delta region of the country.

The company was founded by Mrs Soba Akpana and the firm comprises a large flower garden, florist shop, European and African furniture shop, an arts and crafts centre as well as a café.

Jhalobia Gardens

Jhalobia is one of the prominent horticulture service companies in the country. The company is known to design and set up clients’ garden and it is also involved in the maintenance of established gardens. Jhalobia’s clients include foreign embassies and international organizations.

The company is divided into the Plants and Tropical Cut Flowers Unit, Jhalobia School of Gardening, the Garden Maintenance Services and the Garden Sales Department.

If you’re looking for a customized solution with Jhalobia, you can summon the Jhalobia representative by reaching out to them on their website. Once this is done, you can then discuss your design and plans with the company’s rep.

If it is a more complex and large-scale site development projects that involve swimming pools, large retaining walls, extensive gardening, or the utilization of custom structures, you may have to meet with the company’s rep several as you finetune the details of the project.

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Whatever the case, once the design plan is finalized and a construction contract is agreed upon, construction schedules are set. Construction progresses at a steady uninterrupted pace until the project is complete. All work is conducted by professionals and you’re free to inspect your project as it progresses and ensure that the design is carried out to the finest details.

Rareflowers & Balloon Nigeria

Rareflowers & Balloon was founded over twenty years ago as an event decoration and horticultural company in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The company is based in Ondo State and it specializes in Horticulture and Landscape Design, Erosion Control Measure, installation management, e.t.c.

Flowerstalk Flowers, Florists, Decorations and Horticulture

Flowerstalk is located on 114 Awolowo Road. Lagos. Lagos. The company is involved in decoration, florist and entertainment services.

Cleaneat Integrated Services

Cleaneat is primarily a cleaning service company in Lagos as well as a major supplier of cleaning and pest control products in Nigeria. However, the company is also involved in providing gardening services. These include professional weeding, cultivating of flowerbeds, edging of flowerbeds, sales and supply of live plant. The company is also involved in garden maintenance service in Lagos

Uncle Ray Horticultural Market Garden Supplier

Uncle Ray is primarily involved in the supply of gardening products. The company is located on 78 Okigwe Road, Owerri, Imo.

Apart from these companies, we also have some non governmental organizations that provide horticulture-based services. We have highlighted a couple of them below

National Horticultural Research Institute

Founded in 1975, the National Horticultural Research Institute is located in Ibadan in Oyo state. It was established with the help of the United Nations Development Programme in conjunction with the Food and Agriculture as a fruits and vegetable research and demonstration centre. The organization became in national institute a year after it was founded in 1976.

Abuja Horticultural Society

Located in the Sheraton Hotel and Towers on Ladi Kwali Way, the Abuja Horticultural Society is another horticulture based organization.


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