Woman on evil mission buries charm in the wrong house

A woman on evil mission to bury charm in her ‘enemy’s’ house, lost her way and tried to bury the charm at the next door neighbour’s compound.

The neighbour said she found the woman digging and sprinkling charm in her yard, so she called her sister’s attention to the stranger’s act.

Woman on evil mission buries charm in the wrong house lailasnews 3
Woman on evil mission buries charm in the wrong house

Upon questioning, the woman confessed that she was at the wrong house.

The neighbour called other residents who them attempted to mob the woman, but she was saved by cops patrolling the area.

The sisters the sprinkled holy water around the yard to chase away evil spirits.

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The woman identified as Palesa Nyandeni said it was not the first time the woman had tried to attack her family with charm.

“I believe prayer made her get lost and instead of sprinkling muthi in our yard, she went to the wrong house. “She accused us of being jealous of her, but she doesn’t see she’s blessing us. “Her charm doesn’t work. There was a time she spread it on our clothes on the washing line.”

Before being taken by cops, the woman said she was not done with the Nyadenis.

“You are going to pay for this!” she said.

The woman was then taken to the police station for her safety.

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