AbokiFX: Get Day by day Naira To USD, Euro, Pound, Underground market Trade RatesAbokiFX: Get Day by day Naira To USD, Euro, Pound, Underground market Trade Rates

AbokiFX: Get Day by day Naira To USD, Euro, Pound, Underground market Trade Rates

AbokiFX is a Nigerian online website application phase which offers every day updates and information on the parallel display (bootleg market) remote conversion scale for theNaira

Utilizing the strength of the web, AbokiFX has obviously, end up being the most genuine voice in the scattering of news with regard to the outdoors trade section in Nigeria.

On the platform, you can look for report on financial requirements from area and around the world wire service simply as charts mapping patterns in the outdoors trade market over prolonged timespan durations.

AbokiFX which is the most referenced phase to get live trade rates offers you day by day naira FX rates versus the USD (dollars), (GBP) pound sterling, (EUR) Euro and various financial types like (GHS) Ghana Cedis, XAF and XOF Benin and Cameroon Francs. It also offers day by day bank ATM rates, Market FX news, Aboki roadway news, CBN Rates, Lagos BDC rates, Moneygram and Western Association rates.

Loan Modification Including device

One considerable component on the AbokiFX website is the cash improvement number cruncher which informs you the quantity of a particular genuine money (state, the English pound or the United States dollar) you would get in return for a step of the naira you figure out.

AbokiFX Application

AbokiFX furthermore has an application where fundamental information is made efficiently readily available. The application is available for both Android and iOS gizmo. Oddly, the AbokiFX website can allow you to download the most best version of its portable application for usage on your telephones, tabs simply as on other eager gizmos. It guides you on suitable strides to utilize in downloading the applications on your telephone and how to check out through the highlights on the application.

Trade Rates




Information on loan conversion requirement in some Nigerian banks can also be seen on the website. Gain Access To Bank and Accreditation Trust Bank are the most vibrant banks as their FX rates are dispersed consistently.

You can get to the most current information with regard to worth advancements in between the Naira and various financial types, previous rates, rates set by the National Bank of Nigeria (CBN), rates charged by worldwide money administration companies like MoneyGram and the Western Association simply as parallel market expenses.

CBN AuthorityRates

AbokiFX highlights an instant association with the main National Bank of Nigeria rates. While inspecting the parallel market rates, customers can enjoy what the authority CBN rates are and engaged through this flexibility to choose informed choices, all from one phase.


ATM rates will offer you a working idea of what trade rates banks in Nigeria offer their customers, under the neighboring guidance of the CBN. In case you would like to know the rates of loan simply as the month to month rate posts, at that point this tab will serve you great and dandy.

Western AssociationRates

For those excited to send out and furthermore get money by suggests of the Western Association channel, AbokiFX offers you an opportunity to see the rate exchanges are achieved for Nigerian Naira (NGN) versus various financial requirements like the United States Dollars (USD), the Unified Kingdom Pound Sterling (GDB) and the EURO.

Bootleg market BDCRates


Authority de Modifications in Nigeria structure a substantial piece of the outdoors trade biological system in Nigeria. Hence, AbokiFx allows you the chance to understand what the companies licensed by the CBN to highlight in the forex market gives the table.

Indepth Addition of Parallel Market FXRates


With the parallel market being the genuine objective for many Nigerians sourcing for their outdoors trade needs, the AbokiFX application guards its customers from devoting mistakes due to the fact that of vulnerabilities or lacking details. Its component of offering the money declarations to the early morning, night and night deals with any deceptiveness that might emerge. Such developments pertain to all the genuine money combines availables, for instance, the Pound, the Dollar and the Euro rates versus theNaira

Financial News and Updates.

With this component, customers can get information in concerns to plan and monetary options made by loan related/budgetary administrative workplaces, patterns and evaluates in the Nigerian and around the world financial markets, astute assessment and editorials simply as various goodies/data.

The AbokiFx News is arranged on a month -by – – month property. The website offers news events on the existing monetary compounds and additionally, leading to bottom assessment that spreads out happenings in the money trade market and the around the world economy in general. These offer alternate perspectives to customers to choosing informed choices and precise financial and loan associated options.

Action by action directions to use AbokiFX.

To use AbokiFX, all you require do is– visit their main site page at abokifx.com and use the path boxes to get various dollar/euro/pound trade rates as needed.

To download the flexible application, browse your mobile phone’s application shop index for the excellent application to present.

There’s also a contact page to report problems to the designers of the website.





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