How To Join PlayFulBet & Win Prizes Betting On Sports Without Cash

Playfulbet is a totally free social sports video gaming platform where users can position and bet on any or numerous sport occasion and win prizes free of charge. Playfulbet was established in 2012 by Pol Ruiz, a previous expert poker gamer.

In Playfulbet, users can sign up free of charge account and get complimentary virtual coins which can be utilized to position bet on any result of sport occasion like Football, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Rugby and Esports. Each signed up user gets coins anytime they win a bet on the platform or carry out other activities which can then be squandered as a reward after the gamer have actually built up enough coins. Prizes gamer can redeem with their coins consists of electronic gadgets, computer game, wise Televisions, video gaming consoles, smart devices etc.

Playfulbet permits signed up users to produce their own profiles, fulfill, follow and make good friends with over 8 million signed up gamers on the platform. You can see rankings of other larger gamblers and gather more badges too.

How To Register For Free

Playfulbet is readily available to play by means of desktops, mobile web and has numerous apps for android, iOS. To register free of charge, check out

To register, you have 2 choices

1. Register by means of socials media

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter

2. Register straight

  • Click register, if you wish to sign up straight. The registration type will appear
  • Complete your legitimate e-mail address
  • Put in your password
  • Select a username
  • Input your nation
  • Click the “I’m not a robot” (recaptcha) and carry out the needed job offered to you.
  • Tick and consent to the terms and conditions
  • Then, click “continue”
  • The page will fill and take you to your control panel.

After registration, you can see your 4000 coins on your control panel which is your registration benefit and can be utilized to position bets.

To location bets, relocate to the left hand side and select your preferred sports.

  • For instance, click “football”
  • All football occasions will appear

  • Select a bet and click “play”
  • Put in the quantity of coins you wish to wager with
  • When your bet is positioned and you win, you will get your winning coins instantly.

To see the prizes that you can win, click “prizes” at the left side of your control panel.

  • Here are prizes you can redeem with your readily available quantity of coins.

To make additional coins, you can carry out some activities like taking studies, simple coins, carry out everyday deals etc.

Simply click “earn coins”

  • It will open another page revealing you all your deals.

To make more coins by means of study, click “surveys” and accept the terms and conditions

  • It will then open all your studies of the day

To make more coins by means of recommendations (1,500 coins per recommendation), click the right-hand man corner if your control panel.

You can make more coins (as much as 10,000 coins) by downloading Playfulbet App for android.

Or download the iOS Variation

To inspect all sports which you can bank on with your coins, go to the left hand corner of your control panel.

Daily benefit

The everyday benefit is a reward you get as a user. You can get a routine reward daily which is offered to you as soon as each day and the number is 100 coins for an optimum of 5 days.

  • You will be offered 100 coins when you login everyday

Each login will take you to another level


What are the levels for?

The levels suggest your grade in Playfulbet. The greatest level you can get to is level 30 and your avatar’s badges assess which level you are at. As you add-on on your levels, you will have the ability to open access to specific functions and bonus offers.

How can you increase a level?

Practically anything you do on Playfulbet will make you experience. Any bet, particularly if you win, will make you an excellent experience. Doing promos, viewing videos, getting your everyday benefit or offering recommendations will make you an excellent amount of experience plus coins that you win with every one.


What is ranking?

In each gamer’s profile, there is a chart representation that reveals the betting capability of every user and the method utilized to get prizes. Ranking is a figure that is utilized to sum up each gamer’s profile compared to other gamers.

How does ranking work?

The ranking is been thought about by the range of your activities on the platform, your success rate in dangerous bets, the variety of coins you have. Your ranking can decrease if you lose your bet or if you stop positioning bets.

Bets and outcomes

  • A gamer is disqualified or withdrawn as soon as the video game has actually begun

If a gamer is disqualified or withdrawn, then the other gamer is formally the winner, the coins go to the bets on that winner.

  • Walkover

It’s rather typical in tennis and it occurs when a gamer in a sporting occasion leaves the video game prior to it is begun. In this situation, the other gamer is stated the winner by walkover and all bet are cancelled.

  • A video game is postponed

If a postponed match is not fixed within 24hrs, all the bets will be cancelled all coins will be returned.

  • Games under suspicion of unfaithful

Playfulbet deserves to cancel all the bets.

  • Registration time

All the bet earnings are based upon the outcome that is offered throughout the routine time and the extra time. It does not consist of overtime nor charges (other than for basketball and baseball matches)

  • Reward

Any user that has enough coins to get a reward can fill the type on the reward page. When the reward has actually been sent out to you, the coins of the user will be lowered to no.

  • Bet per occasion

There is a limitation of 3 bets per occasion. If you wager the specific outcome, you will have the ability to make 3 more bets.

Playfulbet has the right of customizing and including guidelines anytime

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