Bet9ja Prediction: How to win millions of Naira on bet9ja [Simple Tricks]Bet9ja Prediction: How to win millions of Naira on bet9ja [Simple Tricks]

Bet9ja Prediction: How to win millions of Naira on bet9ja [Simple Tricks]

There are so many bet9ja prediction sites out there, but this post will only show you how you can win millions of Naira on bet9ja prediction. I have won 500k twice, so I know that my secrets here will do you a real favour when it comes to winning money on bet9ja predictions. When it comes to making money on the side from home, there are so many ways to do it and betting is one of them.

When it comes to predicting sports, many people have depended solely on just football matches, but there are other sports that can give you money aside football. That is one secret that most people don’t know – you can’t win so much money by staking on just football matches alone. But it all starts from opening a bet9ja account.


Fixed matches and Bet9ja sure odds

how to make money on bet9ja prediction

If you want to win millions of Naira on bet9ja predictions, then I will show you in details how I did mine.

Steps to win millions of Naira on Bet9ja Prediction

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These are the steps I took before I was able to win almost a million Naira on bet9ja. If you follow these steps, you can also win so much money than you’ve ever imagined.

Accumulate Sure Games over a Long Period of Time




I always do this just at the beginning of every season – across all major leagues. I will accumulate all the favorites to win or win/draw depending on their transfer period. Most of the top clubs will always be aggressive and eager to win during the start of the season, so I will select all of them up to about four weeks.

This means I will accumulate all the top clubs and play them win/draw, and extend it to a month. Doing this will help you gather so many odds on your bet9ja prediction, and a small amount will result to millions of Naira in your coupon.

Some of the teams I choose are always

  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Man City
  • Bayern
  • Juventus
  • Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Salzburg (Austria league)
  • Esperance (Tunisia)
  • Belgrade (Serbia)

Once I play all these clubs on my bet9ja prediction with 100 Naira, I can win about 1 million Naira if I extend it for a month.

Make your own research

Most times I have discovered that people just want to copy and play bet9ja booking codes without even researching about the teams they want to play. Whoever gives you a bet9ja prediction to win money is also a human being and can make mistakes. So the best thing to do is to research about the teams and know which to remove or edit.

There are several ways to research about the teams, and I will recommend some for you. When I decide to check the statistics, I always go to soccervista and get the correct analysis of the following;

  • League
  • Team
  • Goal scoring ability
  • Individual player

Once I get all the information I need about the team, then I proceed to write more than one possible outcome for the matches.




Situational football prediction is made directly before the game itself. It includes the following factors that can have a serious impact on the outcome of any match: player injuries; their current form and functional condition; team composition and other important factors. It is necessary to determine the situation of the team in their previous games. For this analysis, it is often necessary to take into account the results of last five or six matches. Such data will contain all the statistical calculations: the number of penalties, fouls on the attack, fouls on the defence. The optimal time for conducting Bet9ja predictions on basis of such analysis is 10 -12 hours before the match begins.

Use Recommended Betting Sites


When you want to start making money with bet9ja prediction, you can never underestimate the power of bet prediction sites. They are well equipped with so much information than you can have on your own – this doesn’t mean you should depend on them. So when you want to build up your Bet9ja predictions, you can use them.

How to find a reliable site for Bet9ja predictions

If you are new into the game, you should learn how to find prediction sites for your Bet9ja predictions. Even Bet9ja has a prediction site, but I won’t advise you to use it. These are the steps to find a correct site;

  • Find a site that has a good history of winning
  • Check their winning and losing streak – this would help you know how to follow their predictions
  • Don’t use sites that predictions are generated by software – it doesn’t consider so many factors that affect team performance.
  • Shun paid VIP sites, most of them operate on trial and error, and they will waste your money.

The sites below are some sites that I will recommend for you to possibly check out and get accurate Bet9ja predictions from.





There are so many other sites out there, so you can take your time and research about it before picking predictions from there.

make money from Bet9ja predictions

Use WhatsApp Betting Groups


There are so many groups on Whatsapp that drops free Bet9ja predictions. The beauty about such groups is that it is the combination of several good punters that brings out the Bet9ja codes. There are so many prediction groups on Whatsapp, so you should be careful of the one you join – if you want to win millions on Bet9ja prediction.

One of the best Whatsapp prediction group is the Discipline Staker’s Forum, which comprises several good punters, and they will surely make you win.

Rules and Regulations to Avoid in Betting Predictions


  • Avoid VIP groups – they will always scam you
  • Don’t play one team on multiple tickets
  • Explore other market options. Many punters focus on just the “Win”, “Double Chance”, and “Over/Under Goals”. There are so many other market options when making Bet9ja predictions that can give you so much money. Some of the other betting market options I use are;
  • Asian Handicap
  • European Handicap
  • Anytime Goalscorer
  • Goal scoring method
  • Draw no Bet (DNB)

All the above market options are some of the best options that will make you so much money when making betting predictions on bet9ja.

  • Play other Sports:

Football is one of the sports that don’t bring many winnings – because it is overplayed. Most of the people who win millions of Naira on Bet9ja predictions don’t really play football games. There are many other games like;



Lawn Tennis

These games have higher odds and high chance of winning your coupon. In case you don’t have an idea about Basketball, Cricket, and Tennis, I suggest you avoid using them in your Bet9ja predictions if you want to win millions of Naira.


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