Music Artistes!! 9jaflaver In Partnership With Song Magix Is Bringing Something Interesting To You Soon (Get In Here)

Are you finding it difficult to write,compose a specific genre of song(s)?, 9jaflaver can aid you by writing,composing song(s) for you

In partnership with SONG MAGIX SONGWRITERS 9jaflaver is set to present to you a fast, easy, and reliable song writing service, where you can easily purchase songs of various genre

What You Need To Know About The Song Sales Platform

9jaflaver has maintained a good reputation of introducing services that are focused on promoting both established and up and coming music artistes and the 9jaflaver song sales is yet another of our packages for our esteemed music artistes where music artistes can buy songs at an affordable rate. The 9jaflaver song sales will be done through a platform called “SONG MAGIX SONGWRITERS”. A link to where you can make your other for a song and a number you can call will be provided on 9jaflaver when we officially launch.

When you buy a song and payment for the song has been made in full, a signed soft copy of a contract of agreement transferring all legal and exclusive copyright ownership of the song to the buyer which the buyer will print out and put down his or her signature thereby having complete copyright ownership of the song, which basically means you are the lone owner of the song and if you happen to hear the song been recorded by somebody else you can sue for a claim of damages.

Lastly when you request for a song, a recorded audio version of the song and also the lyrics of the song will be sent to you after payment.


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