Music Artistes, Why You Need A Catchy Lyrics For Your Song To Be A Hit (By Sound Magix Songwriters)

Music Artistes, Why You Need A Catchy Lyrics For Your Song To Be A Hit (By Sound Magix Songwriters)

If you are a music artist, I’m very sure you must have heard about the phrase “catchy song” having a catchy song is a very very important part of getting a hit song as a music artiste, WHAT IS A CATCHY SONG ? “A Catchy song is a song that is easy to sing along and easy to remember”. Now as a music artiste that really wants to make a hit song if Your song is missing that catchy content, then I’m afraid it will be difficult to get that hit song you’ve always wanted.

A catchy content of a song makes music lovers and music listeners in general to start singing your song subconsciously even without hearing or listening to the song, have you ever wondered why all of a sudden, you start singing a song even without hearing or listening to it, it is because of that catchy content of the song that makes it easy to remember and gets the song stuck in your head, let’s take “fire boy- jealous” for example, that is a very catchy song you can notice that the words are easy to sing along and remember.

Another reason why you need a catchy song is that it is very easy to promote, when you have a catchy song, you find out that people on their own will help you in promoting your song because they have fallen in love with it, I’m sure you must have found your self in a situation whereby you are telling friends and family members of a new song you heard and if they have heard it too, you even go as far as sending the particular song to them, that is what a catchy song does.

Now this is were SOUND MAGIX SONGWRITERS come in, we at SOUND MAGIX SONGWRITERS have skilled and professional songwriters who are able to give you that genre of song you need with a CATCHY lyrics, we have a long list of clients that we have worked with and can testify about our professionality,

We sell our songs at a very affordable rate, so upcoming artistes can also afford it. We have a “CONTRACT OF AGREEMENT” drafted by our lawyers, after every purchase of a song, we will send you a signed copy of this document for you to sign also, and once you sign, it means the copy right ownership of the song has been transfered to you and you are the legal owner of the song, which also means that we can’t sell the song to any other person.

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