Airtel 0.00kb Cheat With Xp Syphon

i must say I was overwhelmed by the extreme speed I witnessed while using this Airtel cheat unlike the glo cheat which is still manageable… I noticed that other waparz have posted about this cheat, without them I wouldn’t have known about it, they both posted on how to make it work with other syphon handlers, but not XP SYPHON, as for me XP SYPHON REMAINS THE BEST amongst all syphons,, hardly disconnect. here is how to get it running on xp syphon.


REAL proxy TYPE : default

PROXY TYPE: mark or tick “NO PROXY”

then click on generate…. after the success, click on SETTINGS
configure it like this

mark or tick “connect through htttp”



PORT: 8080



GOODNEWS IS THAT I USE THIS CHEAT EVEN THOUGH I STILL HAVE N75 IN MY ACCOUNT BALANCE, I BROWSE AND DOWNLOAD WITHOUT MY CASH BEEN DEDUCTED.. I CAN LOAD CARDS WITHOUT TENSION… to achieve this feat hope you are on “NO DATA NO BUNDLE” that way, Airtel has no right to tamper with your airtime balance. thanks to u all. I just finished 1.4gb. I never tire


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