How To Make Airtel 2g Plan Faster

How To Make Airtel 2g Plan Faster

well this is a simple trick that should get you started:just insert this ip in your browser : and again more update on this is coming…….stay tuned and give comment


  1. jhon adams says

    Thanks Jedix it works .

    Comenting From Successtechz

  2. Raymond says

    It's not working, I've typed it on my address bar but it is still not working

  3. Princewill Dickson says

    how did you do it?

  4. Olamiwhizy says

    Plz explain hw to do it I dont really understand u

  5. Anonymous says

    sheesh just put it in the settings also visit for only working cheats

  6. okogbuo says

    Comment:does it work on java phones pls reply

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