Etisalat Free Browsing Using Anonytun Vpn 2017

Etisalat Free Browsing Using Anonytun Vpn 2017

Etisalat free browsing is back again with the latest ANONYTUN VPN. For those that don’t like Tweakware VPN, you can now browse free with the latest Anonytun Vpn v2.6. Glo users are still enjoying glo free browsing with Tweakware VPN.

Setting For Etisalat Free Browsing Using Anonytun Vpn

Registered Etisalat 3G or 4G sim.
Android smartphone
0.00 Airtime balance.
No active data plan
Latest AnonyTun VPN v2.6

Download AnonyTun VPN v2.6 Apk

Download and install the latest AnonyTun VPN from the link above
Launch and and configure it as follows:
Click on Stealth Settings.
Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
Connection Port to 8080.
Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
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Then Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP
Request method: POST.
Injection method: Normal.
Tick User-Agent.
Leave other boxes un-ticked.
Click on Generate.
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Then click on Save.
Click on Connect, wait few munites for AnonyTun VPN to connect.
Now turn on your mobile data and start browsing free. It’s currently capped 60mb daily so make use good of it


  1. Anonymous says

    Is this still working as of 31st July 2017

    1. Jedixraja says

      why not give it a try and see

  2. praise says

    no more working

  3. odinaka says

    why are Nigeria hackers like this that’s why American hackers are wise they will have an idea but they will hack in a way the person they hacked can never block before they share it to the world but we Nigeria hackers we just hack and post to get money later on its found by the owner and blocked

    first it psiphon mtn Glo and Airtel cheat but now blocked because we don’t no how to protect it.

    Now the best VPN anonitum is out with an unlimited data we have already post it later on it will be blocked

    please let learn how to protect some valuable things some free browsing not all we should post let keep some private .

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