How To Use MTN BBLITED, MTN Musicplus Cheat, Etisalat ChatPack Cheat On PC With PdaNet AppHow To Use MTN BBLITED, MTN Musicplus Cheat, Etisalat ChatPack Cheat On PC With PdaNet App

How To Use MTN BBLITED, MTN Musicplus Cheat, Etisalat ChatPack Cheat On PC With PdaNet App

How To Use MTN BBLITED, MTN Musicplus Cheat, Etisalat ChatPack Cheat On PC With PdaNet App


Hi folks, I trust you are as yet shaking your modest and free browsing over all networks on your cell phones now. Anyway, on the off chance that you aren’t, that implies you are not a passionate reader and devotee of this online blog on the grounds that there are all that anyone could need free browsing tricks discharged here on regular routine to keep you joined on the web at an extremely shabby value and even for nothing out of pocket. A great many people that are utilizing free VPN connection on their telephones have discover it so difficult and hard to utilize that same data on their diverse PC yet, stress no more, I, Victor Kachi have a superior and pleasant answer for that with capable PdaNet application.

You can review that there is Psiphon and simple server PC version however they are not as quick as PdaNet furthermore the PdaNet is not difficult to setup on both PC and cell phone.

I saw that numerous individuals truly need to test these VPN free browsing cheats on their portable PCs however couldn’t and it is some way or another irritating so that is the more reason I thought of this and wrote this article.

Before i start, i would like to define and explain what is PDaNet.


PdaNet is a powerful app used mainly for tethering internet connections between two devices especially mobile device and a PC. With PdaNet, you don’t necessarily need both device to have WiFi technology as it can tether through WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connections. One great features that makes PdaNet outperform other tethering app is that it tethers even VPN data from your phone which your normal tethering apps on your phone can’t do. This app is the solution and the best app to easily use your Psiphon, simple Android Server, jwp, and even Tweakware app cheats on PC.


VPN cheats are those cheats that uses VPN network bypassing technology with the help of bypassing apps like Psiphon, SAS, Tweakware etc to force internet connection to restricted sites and locations. It is the secret behind the use of mtn BIS on Android because it doesn’t need IMEI tweaking to that of BlackBerry. Also it is why we can use MTN music plus unlimited and continuously. VPN free browsing cheats are the trending thing in the free browsing planet and more is coming.


Extract the .ex file you downloaded on your PC using your extracting app like archive, zipchiever etc



You can connect your etisalat Smartpak and socialme cheats including MTN music plus cheats on PC using PdaNet. Just follow below simple steps…
Make sure your data is ON and your Psiphon, SAS or any other app you are using is running. Then follow below steps.

1. After downloading PdaNet on your phone and PC, open it on your  PC, then run it on your Android.
2. In your Android, open the app and tick on the connection method you want to use. There are three methods… USB, Bluetooth and WiFi connection methods.
3. Now on you PC, open the PdaNet app and select the method of connection you just selected on your phone PdaNet.
4. Now click on connect on your PC
That’s all, you will see network connection on your PC and you will be able to enjoy your free browsing both on PC and Android.
Enjoy free browsing cos its our right… lolz..

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