Come , shift your nyash osisoCome , shift your nyash osiso

Come , shift your nyash osiso

A short dry joke titled “come, shift nyash osiso” featuring mr ishi windvane and bad belle, make sure you dont laugh after reading this, it is very boring

Mr ishi windvane:  Bad belle, you again, who born you, i say who born you?

Bad belle:  Na my papa born me, why you de disturb me?

Mr ishi helecopter: The other day i been tell you make you give me bread, you say make i visit  madam fish, i go there go find fish, i hala the woman make she find me fish na, she hook me for chest, come talk say

“You remember that time?”  i ask am which time?  she say make i comot for her domot meanwhile i no sabi wetin she de yarn, i kukuma comot,  but the hunger wey hol my belle bring back for that place,  This woman vex ehh,, she carry matchet say make i shift my nyash,  i ask am why so?  before i knew it, this woman don hirer 10 hefty men make dem come beat me up,


One of them brushed me, removed my big boy watch, the other one tear my shirt, another one use en big nyash sidon for my head, come de yarn me hot mess (pollute) for my face,  the other one comot my shorts, and said make i run go house before en salamba me for nyash, na only bucksass i use return house that day”

Come , shift your nyash osiso

Bad belle:  eyah, mello down nwanne

Mr ishi windvane: so you see bad belle, just becos you no gree me common bread, issokay, but next time you go show for my place, i go ensure say i …. well na only God go fit explain wetin i go do you, oya comot nyash for here before i yarn you correct slap, idiot



Bad belle: my man no vex, well sha i go comot

Mr ishi windvane: Who be your man, you think say i de play with you? comot here 1………………………………………….comot for here two…………………………………….. comot for here three….oh you still de here? wait me..




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  1. samuel thankgod says

    wow that’s amazing

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