Your mama so fat - yo momma jokesYour mama so fat - yo momma jokes

Your mama so fat – yo momma jokes

Yo momma legs are like a library,they’re open to the public

Yo momma so dum she takes a ruler to bed to see how long she sleeps for

Yo Momma is so f*cking ugly that her own shadow cheated on her

Bully: Yo Mommas a irty b*tch
Student: Oh really? You can’t even spell!
Bully: Omg even your asking for the D.

Your momma is soo dumb, she thought that she’d have her own kingdom…by marrying Burger King.

Yo momma so fat and old, when God said Let There Be Light, he told her to move out of the way.

 Your mama so fat - yo momma jokes

Yo mama’s so ugly, she’s the reason Adele says Hello from the other side

Yo momma so fat when she was a map on Call of duty there were too many hiding places.

Mum: where should I keep my money everywhere I put it my kids steal it?
Dad: keep it in books

Son: Why is the food so cold and bland?
Dad: Because your mother put her heart and soul into it.

Yo mama is so black that when she went to night school she kept being marked as absent.

Yo mama so fat, she leaves stretch marks in the tub.

Your Momma is so ugly that when it was Christmas Santa came laughing HO HO (Santa see’s your mom) HOLY SH*T

Yo mama is so stupid that she returned
a donut because it had a hole in it.

Yo Momma’s so stupid she wipes her ass before taking a shit

Yo mamma so stupid
that she set out to climb Mountain Dew

yo mama so stupid when the doctor said to burn some calories she set a fat person on fire!


Yo mama is so poor when someone steps on a cigarette she said “Who turn off the heat?”


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