asphalt Street Storm Racing’ Now Out On The Play Store

Asphalt-Street-Storm-Racing-Cover-1068x545.jpg-‘asphalt Street Storm Racing’ Now Out On The Play Store Asphalt is a popular game series that most geeky racing aficionados love. We usually see the game played when doing speed tests because it requires power and has high specs requirements. We said it’s almost ready for release a few weeks ago and now it’s finally here, ready for download. If you’re looking for that missing adrenaline rush, this new racing game is for you.
screenshot2017-06-17--20_08_36.jpg-‘asphalt Street Storm Racing’ Now Out On The Play Store

As an obvious follow up to the old titles namely Asphalt Extreme, Asphalt Overdrive, and the Asphalt Nitro, this Asphalt Street Storm Racing will also make you glued to the mobile screen for hours. It’s something you don’t want to put down because we know you’ll want to drive the Supercar and finish the high-speed drag races lined up.

You won’t care about the heat, rain, or storm because in Asphalt Street Storm Racing, you’ll really need to face those elements and still strive to finish. The game allows multiplayer challenges. Check out the cars available you can add to your collection or just bet on, enjoy drag races, race around in different countries, or customize your car. Of course, don’t forget that excellent graphics by Gameloft that are considered console level already.



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