The pervert teacher, Mr. Wale & Mrs. Oluchi [Part 2]


Oluchi recoiled at the thought of the old fool’s hands on her exposed flesh. “No way!”

Mr. Wale’s gaze was on her chest yet again. “Are you wearing a bra?”

Oluchi frowned.

“Five minutes, and you can keep your bra on.”

Oluchi paused, considering the man’s terms. “Okay then, done,” she might as well get this over and done with.

Mr. Wale glanced over at Okafor.

“You can wait outside boy.”

“No!” said Oluchi quickly. She didn’t trust Mr. Wale one little bit, and didn’t want to be alone with the corrupt old bastard. Moreover, it was Okafor’s fault she was having to do this, at the very least he should see the consequences of his actions.

“Fine,” Mr. Wale gave a shrug. “He can time us.”

Oluchi nodded in agreement.

“Bring your chair closer so I can reach you,” instructed Mr. Wale.

“Or come and sit on my lap if you want.” He grinned, his teeth were yellow and discolored and Oluchi was suddenly relieved he wasn’t asking her to kiss him.

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The busty lady pulled her chair up in front of where he was sitting, her knees almost touching his.

“Take your blouse off,” instructed Mr. Wale, to Oluchi’s disgust he rubbed his dick through his trouser, clearly aroused at the prospect of fondling the curvy stepmother of his student.

Oluchi grabbed the bottom of her blouse. She glanced over at Okafor who was sitting awkwardly beside her, like he would rather be at any other place than there. She knew exactly how he felt.

“Start the timer as soon as he touches me.”

Okafor swallowed and nodded.

With a deep breath, Oluchi yanked her shirt up over her head. Beneath the blouse the busty young woman was wearing a black bra that covered her big breasts, pushing them up and together into a wonderful cleavage. The way her enormous breasts were stuffed into the skimpy piece of undies meant that more of her firm round breasts were left bare than covered.

“Blood of God!” Mr. Wale screamed in open admiration of the sight. Even Okafor gasped in a sharp breath as Oluchi revealed her magnificent bra-covered breasts. For a brief moment, Oluchi regretted insisting that her stepson stay in the room.

He leant forward slightly as he stared at Oluchi’s ample breasts. “Damn,” he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and mopped a few beads of sweat from his chin.

“Well?” asked Oluchi expectantly.

“Let’s get this over and done with.”

“Uhh!” He gave a lustful grunt of appreciation as he reached out and cupped Oluchi’s ample bra-clad breasts in his hands. The beautiful young blonde gave a grimace as the old teacher roughly squeezed, his fingers sinking into the firm flesh of her breast.

“Start the timer!” snapped Oluchi as she noticed that Okafor hadn’t moved, and was busy staring at his teacher’s hands moving over her chest without even looking at his watch.

Okafor gave a grunt as he hurriedly tore his gaze away from Oluchi’s breast and started the timer on his watch.

Mr Wale groaned as his hands moved over the lovely young woman’s breasts. They felt wonderful, much bigger than his hands even, and incredibly firm. He couldn’t believe that she had actually agreed to let him touch them, this was without a doubt a dream comes true.

The old teacher spread his legs wide so that he could shuffle closer, the inside of his right thigh pressing up against Oluchi’s knees. He shifted his hands to squeeze the undersides of her heavy breasts, sliding his thumbs across the smooth material of her bra. He could feel the hard pebble of her nipples pressing through the bra as he rubbed his thumbs in a small circle over the middle of her breasts.

“Nice,” Mr. Wale groaned, squeezing hard on Oluchi’s breasts and watching the flesh swell up above her bra as he press the lower part of her breasts in his hands. The teacher’s hands fisted over Oluchi’s huge breasts, squeezing crudely and causing her to wince in pain.

“Careful!” Oluchi barked.

“You’re being rough!”

Mr. Wale only groaned in reply, but he did ease up on his breast squeezing. The horny teacher’s fingertips slid almost tenderly over the upper, exposed swells of Oluchi’s breasts, stroking the bare skin of her cleavage and causing a shiver to run down the Oluchi’s spine.

Oluchi frowned in disgust as she saw a drop of saliva trickle from the corner of the teacher’s mouth as he stroked her ample breasts. This was humiliating.

“They’re so nice and big and soft,” moaned Mr. Wale, spreading his fingers wide as he tried, unsuccessfully, to cover the entire expanse of Oluchi’s breasts with his hands.

Oluchi glanced sideways and saw Okafor watching wide eyed from the seat beside her. As his teacher’s hands squeezed and groped Oluchi’s boobs, Okafor didn’t even blink, his eyes locked onto her cleavage.

“How much time left?” asked Oluchi, returning Okafor’s attention back to his watch.

“Two minutes to go,” replied Okafor, licking his lips and returning his gaze to Mr. Wale’s fondling fingers.

“I can’t believe I’m actually squeezing your breasts!” murmured Mr. Wale, still salivating as his hands worked at Oluchi’s chest.

The pervert teacher, Mr. Wale & Mrs. Oluchi [Part 2]

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