The pervert teacher, Mr. Wale & Mrs. Oluchi [Part 4]

Oluchi looked at him in disgust. “No!”

Mr Wale’s eyes narrowed. “You’ll get  in here right now!”

Oluchi felt her own anger returning. “Now look here you pervert! You’ve had your fun with me last week, so just vamoose from my life!” Oluchi was furious, but kept her voice low as she didn’t want to attract any attention.

The pervert teacher, Mr. Wale & Mrs. Oluchi [Part 4]

Mr Wale gave her a sweet smile. “No, that’s not going to happen. You’re going to come in here, close the door and help me.”

Oluchi frowned. “That’s it! I’m calling security.”

The teacher sighed. “Fine. It’s a real shame though…”

“What?” growled Oluchi, hesitating a moment.

“Well, I’m sure that Okafor would have done brilliantly in the university. He’s a good student. It’s such a shame to waste all that potential over a few little pictures of some big breasts.”

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Oluchi could have punched the fool in the face right then. She clamp together her jaw angrily instead. “If I come in there, then this is the last time. It has to end.”

Mr Wale smiled. “Of course.”

Oluchi frowned in distaste and stepped into the small changing cubicle with the overweight teacher, pulling the door shut behind her. In the small space she had to stand directly in front of Mr Wale, his pot belly less than half a foot away from her.

“You’re such an idiot,” muttered Oluchi as she immediately started unbuttoning the front of her blouse without needing to be asked.

The busty lady pulled her top open, revealing her imposing set of breasts, encased in a lacy white bra that did incredible things with her cleavage.

“Oh my God,” murmured Mr Wale in total admiration. He reached up and cupped Oluchi’s big breasts in his hands, giving them a squeeze. “They’re even better than I remember.”

Oluchi turned her head away from the teacher’s face, looking at the wall of the changing room instead of his face as he massaged her amazing breasts through her bra.

“I believe you were going to help me with my trouser?” said the teacher, glancing down meaningfully towards his crotch. His hands were still covering Oluchi’s big breasts.

A look of shock and disgust flashed across Oluchi’s pretty face as she turned back to the man. “What the hell are you suggesting?”

Mr Wale smiled. “Undo my trouser,” he ordered calmly.

Oluchi swallowed, looking down towards her stepson’s teacher’s crotch.

“Do it!” barked Mr Wale, using his most authoritative teacher tone of voice.

Oluchi’s hands were shaking as she reached out and unzipped the front of his trousers. She could do this. She would help him try on his new trouser and he would disappear and then leave her alone at last. Okafor would be okay and would get to go to the university, and her husband would never find out about any of it.

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The pretty lady unzipped Mr Wale and his trouser fell down around his ankles. Oluchi couldn’t see a over the teacher’s stomach, but it looked like he was wearing a pair of old boxers.

Mr Wale’s groping hands continued to roam over Oluchi’s large breasts. “Reach in the front and take it out,” he instructed.

Oluchi looked up at his face in disgust. “What?” she whispered, her voice almost leaving her.

“Take my dick out,” barked the teacher.

“No… I thought you just wanted to try on those trousers.”

Mr Wale rolled his eyes. “You’re such a stupid young woman,” he gave her big breasts an extra hard squeeze causing Oluchi to gasp in pain. “Put your hand in the front of my boxers and pull out my dick!”

Oluchi shook her head in refusal. “This is so disgusting!”

“Do it!”

Oluchi carefully reached out underneath his belly and touched his crotch, fumbling for the gap in the front of his boxers. She frowned as she felt his dick was erect, overhanging against the front of his boxers.

“Oh God,” whispered Oluchi as she slipped her soft hand into the front of Mr Wale’s boxers. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Mr Wale gave a moan as Oluchi’s cool hand closed around his rigid dick and pulled it out through the front of his underwear.

The old teacher’s dick was about average length but quite thick. And it was hard, very hard. Oluchi immediately let go once she had got his dick out, resisting the urge to flee from the changing room.

“I didn’t say you could let go,” grumbled the man, again giving Oluchi’s big breasts a hard, painful squeeze.

Oluchi squeaked and reached out, once again grabbing hold of Mr Wale’s dick in her soft hand. She looked slightly nauseated as she felt his dick twitch in her grip.

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“I think you know what I want,” barked Mr Wale. He reached down, his large hand closing over Oluchi’s much smaller one. Oluchi gave a small whimper as he forced her hand to slide back and forth on his hard shaft. After a few strokes he let go and the humiliated lady continued to slowly stroke the controlling teacher’s hard dick


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