The pervert teacher, Mr. Wale & Mrs. Oluchi

“What did you say!?” yelled Oluchi Eze in shock.

Oluchi’s stepson Okafor swallowed and looked down at his feet. The nineteen year old secondary school senior muttered as he replied.

“I told Mr. Wale that he could touch your breasts.”

Oluchi blinked in mistrust. “Why would you tell him that?”

Okafor frowned, she looked dismayed. “He caught me looking at something on one of the computers at school,” the teenager still wasn’t meeting his stepmother’s furious gaze.

The pervert teacher, Mr. Wale & Mrs. Oluchi

“What is this ‘something’?” Oluchi barked, she was still trying to comprehend what was going on.

He stammered a little, feeling embarrassed. “Porn.”

Oluchi was lost for words. “Your father is going to kill you.”

She had married Chief Chukwudi, Okafor’s father about three years ago, and in the process had inherited a fully grown stepson, despite being only twenty-five years old herself. Chukwudi spent a lot of time travelling away on business trip, and in those past few years it had fallen on Oluchi to raise Okafor herself.

It had been quite a culture shock for the previously social young woman.

“Do we have to tell him?” asked Okafor hopefully. The nineteen year old was smart, and seemed to be sincerely ashamed on himself for getting in trouble in school.

Oluchi frowned, feeling a little sorry for her stepson, he was usually a good young man, and this was definitely a rare occurrence.

“Wait, how did my breasts become involved in this anyway?” she demanded, remembering how the whole conversation had begun with Okafor asking her if she would go to school and let his teacher, Mr. Wale touch her breasts.

Okafor’s shame deepened. “I’m really sorry, Oluchi,” said Okafor.

Because of the small age gap between them, she had always insisted that Okafor call her by her first name rather than calling her Mom or anything like that. Plus, when she married his father, she had only been twenty two and couldn’t think of herself as someone’s mother.

“It was Mr. Wale’s idea,” added Okafor, chewing on his lower lip.

“That old corrupt fool!” barked Oluchi angrily. She remembered going to a PTA meeting about two months ago and meeting Mr. Wale. The bald headed old math teacher had talked to her breasts the whole time, the pervert.

“I’m going to go down there and give him a piece of my mind!”

“No!” protested Okafor in panic. “You can’t! Mr. Wale said that I will get expelled, and then I wouldn’t write my school cert. anymore.”

Oluchi’s heart sank. Okafor was a brilliant student and had been getting incredible results yearly. He had his heart set on heading to University of Ibadan like his father, and he certainly would get good enough grades to do it. His father would be upset with Okafor, if he didn’t make it to UI.

“Surely you won’t get expelled” said Oluchi hopefully. “I mean, you’ve got results, you must get another chance?”

Okafor shook his head glumly. “It’s in the school rules…I’m really sorry Oluchi.”

Oluchi sighed. “What exactly did Mr. Wale say to you?”

“Well, at first when he caught me he said I was expelled,” He explained.

The poor teenager looked as though he was about to cry at any moment as he told his shameful tale.

“But then he said that if I was to get you to come to school and you let him…” Okafor swallowed, hesitating for a moment.

“If you would let him… touch your breasts…”

“He would let you go,” finished Oluchi. He nodded, staring down at his feet in embarrassment.

Oluchi shook her head. She was a very attractive woman and was rather used to the often unwanted attention of men. In particular, the twenty-five year old had big bouncy breasts that attracted the majority of that unwanted attention.

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When Oluchi had met Okafor’s teacher, she had recognized straight away that the old fool was a pervert, but she had assumed he was harmless enough. Apparently not.

“And you said yes?” asked Oluchi furiously. Even though she understood that Okafor was in a tough spot, she still couldn’t believe he was so readily pimping her out like that.

Okafor flinched. “Sorry Oluchi.”

“I can’t believe you would even think I would do that!”

“He just wants to touch them,” objected Okafor.

“It’s not like it’s a big deal or anything, or he wants to have sex with you.”

Oluchi frowned angrily at her stepson. Was he really suggesting that she let his randy teacher touch her? But then again, he was right, it didn’t really cost her anything to let the old guy feel her, apart from a little embarrassment. And it was Okafor’s whole future that was on the line.

Oluchi gave an angry grunt. “I can’t believe you’re putting me in this situation Okafor.”

“I know. And I’m sorry.” Okafor did feel genuinely sorry. “I’ll do whatever I can to make it up to you.”

Oluchi slumped back in her seat. What was she going to do?

“You realise this is blackmail Mr Wale?” Oluchi snapped rudely at her stepson’s math teacher. After much deliberation, Oluchi had eventually decided to go down to the school and meet with Mr Wale. She had been careful not to come alone, bringing Okafor along in the hope that it would make Mr Wale less likely to try anything.

The teacher frowned at Oluchi’s accusation. “Now look here Miss Okeke…”

“Mrs. Eze,” Oluchi quickly reminded the teacher.

Mr Wale smiled worryingly. “Mrs Eze,” he corrected. “Your son Okafor is in a lot of trouble here. I’m just trying to find a solution that won’t ruin the boy’s entire future. That would be a shame.”

Oluchi glared angrily at Mr Wale. The old mathematics teacher looked like he was in his mid-late fifties. He was bald and was considerably overweight. The sickly smile he was flashing back at Oluchi made her stomach turn.

“I fail to see how compelling me into playing your lustful little game is a solution!”

Oluchi was even angrier with the bastard now that she was talking to him in person, than she had been when Okafor had first told her the teacher’s proposal. He had the nerve to think that he could get away with this!

Mr Wale rocked back in his chair, lacing his fingers together and resting them on his knee. His gaze thoughtfully wondered over Oluchi.

The gorgeous twenty-five year old was dressed in a black skirt that came down to just above her knee. Her legs were crossed in front of her and the hem had ridden up a short way to display some of her long, slender legs. The curvy lady had a lovely, flawless skin. She also had on a tight fitting black t-shirt that clung to the magnificent huge breasts.

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It was those breasts that they were currently debating. Ever since Gbenga and Wale had first laid eyes on those things, when Oluchi Eze had come in to the school for a PTA meeting, he had wanted to get his hands on them. Now he had that opportunity, and he didn’t plan on missing it.

“What Okafor did was very wrong,” explained Mr Wale, frowning at the young man sitting beside his curvy stepmother. “And I could get into a lot of trouble for just ignoring the problem. But…I’m not a monster. I don’t want to see this poor boy’s future education destroyed over one little…mistake.”

“Can’t you just give him a warning or something?” Oluchi looked at the math teacher pleadingly.

Mr Wale gave her a patronizing smile. “Out of the question… unless you’re prepared to be nice to me.” Mr Wale turned to Okafor. “Now Okafor, we made a deal, did we not?”

Okafor blushed as the attention was turned on him for the first time since he and his stepmother had arrived at Mr Wale’s classroom. “Um…yeah.”

Mr Wale nodded and smiled in satisfaction. He turned and looked excitedly at Oluchi.

Oluchi’s eyes narrowed as she glared at the horny teacher. She wondered if she could be forthright with him.

Mr Wale unlaced his fingers and held his hands up in an effort to look unthreatening. “I’m not asking for a lot here Mrs Eze.”

There was a moment’s silence as the two of them stared each other down like a game of blink-first. Okafor sat uncomfortably in his chair at Oluchi’s side, wondering who would break first.

It was Oluchi. “One minute. And my shirt stays on.”

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Mr Wale shook his head. “Ten minutes, and you’re without clothes

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