Story: Carly’s tale by Ebubechukwu Okereke (Lilblackafrican)Story: Carly’s tale by Ebubechukwu Okereke (Lilblackafrican)

Story: Carly’s tale by Ebubechukwu Okereke (Lilblackafrican)

Story: Carly’s tale by Ebubechukwu Okereke (Lilblackafrican)

There are three things you need to know before you read this: de j’avu exists, blood tastes metallic and I think I died but I’m not so sure; at the end you’d find out. It was a normal Friday night, we had pepperoni tripple decker pizza and Coca-cola for dinner. After dinner mum made us all shower and brush our teeth. I know Charlie didn’t brush his teeth or even bathe. He’s such a stink bomb, he most likely just sprinkled water on his face, gargled with mommy’s Colgate mouth wash and rained all his body mist on himself.

Game night right after was so amazing. As always being the walking dictionary and most versatile of the Green’s, I was in the lead. Daddy was just points behind me. Now I’m sure you know where I got the brains from. Please don’t tell mummy I said so. It was the family’s favourite game. Guessing words from actions and clues without mentioning the ‘taboo’ words seemed to make us all happy. Taboo is certainly a very fascinating game.

It was Ally’s turn and the word she was supposed to make us guess was death. She kept on trying to strangle herself. It was so hilarious. No one was able to get it. Daddy kept on screaming suicide, Charlie(the biggest pervert ever) was shouting BDSM and mummy had no thoughts. She was just hell bent on making Charlie shut up so little Sally wouldn’t ask her what BDSM meant.

Next thing Sally made a pistol with her fist and pointed it at me. Immediately she fired, on impulse I dropped to the ground. Then Sally asked if i was dead. It was at that moment that the floodgates of wisdom poured on all the Greens and in unison everyone excluding Ally and Sally screamed death. It was way passed our bedtime so we sang I love you- The Barney song. Trust me Charlie and I hummed it just to avoid mummy’s wrath. I wished I could be as innocent as Sally was. Seeing her screaming the lyrics at the top of her lungs made me wish for childhood once more.

Sleep eluded me. I couldn’t stop thinking about death. All the what-ifs roamed round my little mind. I’ve never had a near death experience. I really wanted to experience it. All of a sudden the idea of death seemed so spellbinding. With a loud blast I was awoken. I looked at the time and it was just 7am. No one in this household wakes up that early. Yes! We Greens are clinophiles . I was still trying to process the sound and then i smelt smoke. Okay! bed it was time to bid you goodbye. I opened the door and the hallway was so smoggy. I yelled my mum’s name. The next thing a strange male voice asked “who’s that? Who’s there?” I had the urge to answer, but as i said earlier, it was an unfamiliar voice. I dropped on all fours and crawled into the laundry room. Next thing this guy opened his magazine. Bullets flew all around.

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