Story: The Hebephile By Otokpa SethStory: The Hebephile By Otokpa Seth

Story: The Hebephile By Otokpa Seth

Story: The Hebephile By Otokpa Seth

You stared at Kiki and she stared back at you like a mirror. Teenagers are like pounded yam and egusi soup and you can do anything to have them. Last week, in this small room, it was Amina you ruined. Amina like most teenagers never knew what was at stake until you invited her to your small room – this small room you hired outside your matrimonial vicinity for your illicit activities.
In this small room, you drugged Amina and you raped her. Not only Amina, you did the same to Funke – your neighbour’s daughter. You brought her here, you sprinkled some powdering substance over her food before you raped her.
Before Amina left your small room, she told you something like, “You will suffer in jail for this”
Her words were like jokes in your ears. You laughed at them. Amina is late now, the news of her death is everywhere. Her posters are on every walls of Angwa-Jukun. The place your small room is located.
“They said she jumped into River Benue” You told Kiki your new victim.
You knew inside you Amina committed suicide because of what you did to her. Amina’s last words to you – I’m going to kill myself – still torments you. You’re done with Kiki too. Your bodies locked and soaked in perspiration. You romanced your lips with your tongue until they became red with excitement.

You slipped away from her. You went to your refrigerator and you gurged down the remaining McDowell. You came back and laid beside her. You wanted to continue from where you stopped.
“Kiki! Kiki!! Kiki!” You shook her shoulder severally.
“KIKI! KIKI! KIKI!” You shouted.
That was how Kiki died in your room. You were arrested and taken to police station, from police station to court and from court to prison where you became a pastor – preaching to prisoners like you. You were supposed to spend fifteen years in prison but in your third year the president of your corrupt country visited and you were among those he freed.
When you returned back to Angwa Jukun, things weren’t the same. Kiki’s parents sent assassins twice to kill you and twice you escaped by luck. You were scared of death so you left Angwa Jukun to live with your cousin at Angwa Tiv. Angwa Tiv was good for you. In no time you were able to gather your own money and you rented your own room. And it didn’t took long before you started sleeping with Sewuese your neighbour’s fourteen years old daughter.
You impregnated her twice and twice you aborted the pregnancy. The third one was bloody and she died in the process but before she died she told her parents everything you did to her. You were caught, you were beaten to stupor and you were about to be set ablaze by angry neighbours before police rescued you.
For all you’ve done, you know you deserve to die but somehow you’re still alive in the same prison you left a year ago, facing the same charges, laughing with the same set of prisoners.
Everyone you told your story said, “This is your home.”
You used to doubt it but not anymore because outside here you’re a rapist and a murderer.

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