Deola is my son’s best friend, in fact I practically raised him. I was there for his birth and I watched him grow into a sexy man.

Recently, he’s been having some project to clear up with my son, so he’s usually at my home.

He looks exactly like my son…

My pussy quivered as juices spewed from it… “Touch me..” I moaned.  My cunt quivered as juices dribbled from my passage, slicking the way. I could sense Deola fighting an internal struggle, but within seconds had me on my back. “I can’t seem to help myself,” he admitted, shocked at his own actions as he fumbled with his belt and pants… “For fucks sake, you’re the mother of my best Friend!” he groaned.

Today, my son isn’t around…

So, we decided to act on our lust. It’s been building over the weeks and I can’t stop but wishfor him to fuck me silly. “Oh good God, this is unnatural but I want it so badly!” He groaned as I grabbed at him, wrapping my hot hands around his long, curved length. He was so different from all the other cocks I’ve fucked, so young, so virile.

I felt insatiable. I wanted him to quench this fire he’s started! I slipped his cock into my mouth, sucking eagerly and wantonly on his straining erection, as his balls slapped my chin and he buried his cock down my throat.

I am obsessed.

He held my head in place as he fucked my wet and willing mouth. I groaned, lost to the sensations racing through my body, making mincemeat of rational thought.

He pushed me away before he could cum in my mouth and I fell back only to sink onto my hands and knees, my ass lifted in offering. “Take me!” I begged. “I need to feel a cock inside me before I go insane!” I looked into his eyes, dark and crazed with lust.

Before I could come through with that thought, He slammed his cock inside me, rough and hard, just the way I liked it.. He gripped my hips for better leverage and pumped his cock into me like a piston, ramming into my juicy hole without stop.He hit a secret sweet spot deep inside me, making me squirt and dribble down my thighs into the fine stitches of the duvet beneath us. The sounds of our animalistic fucking filled the air between us.

Bulbous head.

He grunted as he buried his cock deep inside me, touching my womb with the bulbous head, pounding my pussy until i moaned with pure pleasure. “You dirty mom-slut,” he gritted out, banging me as hard as he could, punctuating each thrust with nasty talk worse than what I have ever heard and getting me wetter.. The sucking sounds getting me insane.I arched my back for a deeper penetration and I cried out as he yanked a handful of my hair. The sudden dominance spoke to something deep inside me and I shuddered as I released more cream and washed his cock with sex juices afresh..

I revelled in my shameless fucking. I felt alive and invincible..”take it all,” he demanded in a harsh groan. “Take my cock!” I squeezed my eyes shut as pleasure rocked me, his balls slapping hard against my ass cheeks until I suddenly stiffened and I lost myself to the sensations inside me.

Delicious pain.

While Deola uttered a throaty groan as he poured his cock into me, soaking my womb and creaming my core. I shuddered in pleasure and felt fully satiated.. I opened my eyes and saw my son leaning on the door jamb.Shock rushed through me, with sickening dread. He smiled lasciviously..”This is much more better than I imagined mother, very good..” His hands squeezed his cock, and I felt a spike of pleasure race through me..

“You’re going to be our hot slut mom.. He’s my best friend and i’m your son. We are going to have a lot of threesome bang parties, mom..”My eyes rounded in shock and cold filled me.. “yes mom, you’re such a bitch, only 2 or more cocks can bank your bitch like need for cock..” He looked thoughtful.. “May be I’d arrange for several more cocks., anything for my lovely mom..”I felt a perverse thrill.. Deola was beginning to finger my pussy again and I moaned.. He did it without even looking at me.. His fingers just buried in my twat, fucking me.

A total set up.

My son advanced.. And pulled off his shorts.. Slapped my cheeks and buried his cock deep in my mouth.. I choked in agonized pleasure.. Deolas fingers fucked me faster.. “don’t be so surprised mom.. I could see the way you couldn’t stop staring at my dear bestie here and in fact, I came up with this plan”.

I looked into deolas eyes and saw lustful pleasure. I reveled in the fact that two young guys were so interested in me at the age.. oh well.. I don’t really mind.. even if one is my son!!