Erotic Story/Minxie B The weekend s*x spree with Bobby! [Part 3]

The unlikely thing has happened, during the weekend, Bobby proposed to Lily and she said Yes! It’s been all around sex since then.


I have never been this happy, we had made love every way possible in my house, I never knew I could find happiness in the arms of a man like I did now as he moved in and out of me gently and lovingly, our bodies were entangled under sheets he kissed me and I savoured the taste of champagne we had earlier.

I lifted my legs slightly giving him more access, I scratched his back as he plunged deeper into me, I gasped and nibbled on his neck, I could feel myself build up, I held on to the sheets as my orgasm threatened to rip through me, I moved faster and deeper whispering into my ears, I let go and came hard screaming his name.

My body went into spasm underneath him, he plunged deeper finding his release. We held unto each other for a while before he climbed off me and laid down beside me, I turned to face him and kissed him smiling, he pulled me closer and cuddled me. It had been an awesome week since he proposed and there was no better way I would spend the night before we travelled to Lagos than his arms.

The alarm woke me and I stretched still sleepy,  looked besides me and bobby was not there, I gathered the sheets and went to look for my fiancée, I walked to the living room and I heard him whistling in the kitchen, he turned around and saw me

“Oh no no, it was supposed to be breakfast in bed” He said frowning

He looked delicious cooking in only his shorts

“This is great too” I said leaning in to kiss him

We finished up quickly and served breakfast, he prepared custard and toasted bread, and also fried eggs which smelled utterly delicious.

“You keep feeding me like this and I won’t fit into my wedding gown” I said biting into my toasted bread.

We ate making small talk, we finished eating and took a quick shower together, we started to pack for our trip and I realized just how nervous I was, I had told my parent about the proposal over the phone and taking him to meet them was more terrifying, like he read my thought, he cupped my face

“It’s going to be alright” He said

I smiled up at him and continued to pack, he was already packed so he came around and helped me pack, when we were done getiing packed I sat down to apply makeup while he called us an Uber, I finished applying my makeup when our ride arrived.

I turned off all the electrical appliances, we got into the car and headed towards the airport, we got there with 30 minutes to spare, we waited in the lounge looking all lovey dovey: there was a time I would roll my eyes at such couples.

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Soon we were boarding and our seats were at the back with a vacant seat behind us, I was glad that business class was scanty, we fastened our seat belts and were soon in the air, I snuggled to him feeling really happy, I smiled remembering what happened on my last flight, he caught me smiling and asked and I told him smirking feeling naughty, he leaned in and whispered

“How quiet can you be?”

I smiled up at him and asked him what he had in mind, we agreed I would go to the bathroom when everyone was fully engrossed or distracted and he would join me, I looked around with people either reading or had headphones on.

When I was satisfied with the time passed, I stood up and went to the bathroom and closed the door but didn’t use the latch hoping nobody else has to use the toilet, I took off my trouser and waited in my panties, it felt like forever waiting for him so I decided to start without him, I pulled down the toilet seat and sat down, I slipped my hand into my panty and rubbed my clit.

I parted my legs farther and slipped a finger into my pussy, I moved in and out slowly moaning softly with my eyes closed, I was getting real into it when the door open I instinctively opened my eyes and clasped my legs shut and bobby was at the laughing with his hand over his mouth.

He latched the door and pulled me up crushing my lips with his, I reached down and unbuckled his trouser, he pulled down his shorts still kissing me, I lifted my leg and he slide his dick into my pussy, we started to move and I nuzzled on his neck to muffle my moaning, suddenly there were series of turbulences, we held unto each other tightly till it was over

“Did you just cum” I said laughing

It’s going to be a long flight


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