Romantic & Cute I Miss U Text Messages For Lover

Romantic & Cute I Miss U Text Messages For Lover

This special woman or man in your life is far away from you and miss you more than anything. You do not spend a minute without thinking of him or her. If you are looking romantic & cute ways to say i miss you in a text message then you reached right place. Your phone is your best weapon to say “I miss you my love”. We have best collections of cute way to say i miss you over text. For more originality, let your heart and your mind speak. Say what you really think. The few sample sentences below to say “I miss you” will inspire you in writing your message. We’re sure you like these romantic text messages to say i miss you and your lover will definitely with a smile upon reading these. 


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Cute Ways to Say I Miss You in a Text Message

These texts will also be perfect if you are looking for an adequate response to receiving a message from the man or woman in your life saying you miss him. Find a text to say “I miss you too“.


Fun, romantic, poetic or texts messages to choose according to your personality and your relationship.
Little idea: to play the romantic side and absence, have a nice bouquet delivered to the woman you love.

Even if you’re far from me, know that it will always be easy to teleport to your side at any time with a simple phone call.


I miss you a bit. I even think that I can say that I miss you often, sometimes a little too much and even more every day …

Cute Text to Tell Your Girlfriend You Miss Her

Happiness is always there when I know you are in my mind. I miss you.


No matter how far between our two apartments, the distance between our hearts will never change.

I am waiting, I wish and I hope this famous moment when we will be together again. I miss you sweetheart.


I would just like to be by your side instead of reminding me that I miss you

A big piece of my heart is missing when you’re not with me. I miss you.

An unusual idea to show him / her that he / she miss you?


Cute Text Message to Say I Miss You

Far from you, days are like nights. They are sad and dark. I miss you


A message to say “I love you“?
A message to send you kisses?
A message to tell you that I miss you?
No message can transcribe what I feel for you! So this is a message to tell you that I cannot wait to see you to show you everything a message cannot transcribe!


I heard someone call you. I turned around. There was no one. Only then did I realize that my heart was talking to you. I miss you.


Short Text Messages to Say I Miss You

I miss our conversations. The ease we have to talk to each other and to reveal all that we have in our minds is so exceptional. I have never known that with anyone. I miss you terribly.


When you are far from me, I am like a boat without a sail in the middle of the ocean. Life is agitated around me in this universe so vast but I do not move, inert while waiting for your return … You are my veils, you are my horizon. I just miss you.


If I was a superhero and had to choose a super power, I would definitely choose teleportation to be sure to be with you in seconds … and I could never say, like that is the case today, “I miss you“.


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