LYRICS: Dave East – Karma (Interlude) LyricsLYRICS: Dave East – Karma (Interlude) Lyrics

LYRICS: Dave East – Karma (Interlude) Lyrics

Dave East – Karma (Interlude) Lyrics

Karma (Interlude) Lyrics by Dave East

[Spoken Word]
Sneaking up behind you like a thief in the night
Sometimes you can’t put up a fight
Watching what you doing today
It might come back to you where ever you lay
It comes back in many forms
Knocking on your door
Answer to see what’s in store
Keep the darkness out
Bring the light in
Karma is what we call it
It may or may not be afraid
Your faith can be left in the hands of God or the devil
Speak life into positive energy
Pray off negativity
Practice what you preach
While your still praying for your enemies
It’ll all come back to you
Directing your own journey
Falling and getting back up again
Loving yourself and others around you
Your existence is challenged by karma
Choose wisely


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