247helpers Is Paying [updates]

_It’s new with a very appetizing ideology._

*Get 100% of your help rendered in few hours.*

*They have various packages:*
*(i) N10,000*
*(ii) N20,000*
*(iii) N40,000*
*(iv) N50,000*

*You will get double of ur help in few hours.*
*This is first of it’s kind, having two big platform ideology in one platform.*

When you provide help, you’ll be matched from all angle of packages. This means that when you provide help, u might require to pay more than one person on any package, be it 10k, 20k, 40k, 50k,etc and same as when getting help.
*Eg:* when you PH *50k* to get *100k*, u might be matched with (20k+50+10k+20k) four persons from other packages.

-Referral bonus is *5%* of any PH of ur referral.✔
-No Fake POP❌
-Active support✔

*Register now:*

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  1. Imeh James says

    I have ph since 15 of Feb and I don't know what is going on 247 please admin use ur good office to look into this matter please

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