The Altcoin Bubble! Top 10 Cryptos That Made Investors Happy In 2017

The Altcoin Bubble
This year is the year of Altcoin bubble as many people out there will tell you and that’s because some Altcoins gained some crazy value, which are mostly uncommon and this mad people to start Investing even more money into the altcoins causing them to do even more and more magic!

What does the Altcoin Bubble really mean?
It means the period in which people made a lot of money in the altcoin sphere because it got a lot of attention from Investors!
Something like: 300% increase in just a few days is a good characteristics/effect of the bubble.

Have you missed the Bubble?
I hope you enjoyed the altcoin bubble dear because if you didn’t then you surely missed! However, cryptos have been around for so long ever before i got my first good browsing phone and they will still be around for much longer so actually, you didn’t miss as you can start investing now and be part of the big gains of tomorrow!

What we will be doing in this thread?
We will simply be looking at those cryptos that have shown some serious growth which played an important role in bringing media attention to the altcoin world hence ensuring the survival and thriving of the altcoins Bubble!

So, here are those Cryptos that raised a lot of Dust in the Cryptocurrency world this year (2017) so far!


Whether or not bitcoin had a bubble, it deserves the very first position because it’s the father of the rest of them!
To say that there was a bitcoin bubble will be wrong actually because Bitcoin is widely accpeted and used by many including some companies that use it as a payment service such as the slipmart company that should be coming up soon, an ecommerce website that accepts Bitcoin as a payment option.
Actually, the good thing about Bitcoin is that the growth of Bitcoin inspires the growth of other cryptocurrency so no matter what, you can’t leave it out of the list.

Besides that, Bitcoin also experienced some serious growth this year. For example, it has gone from about $1000 to about $1800. That’s almost double so i call that some kind of Bubble too!
Bitcoin being the daddy of cryptos have a dedicated section here on Jackobian where you can learn about it, Also learn about Investment opportunities, etc.
bitcoin growth.PNG-The Altcoin Bubble! Top 10 Cryptos That Made Investors Happy In 2017
Bitcoin Growth Graph

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