My Best Faucet Company To Grow Your Bitcoin

This is a platform where we share legit tips and links to make extra income without investing except for our Internet connection which of course we still would have used for social networks like Facebook, instagram, WhatsApp and the rest without being paid.

This is because many of these online investments as well as peer to peer Donation platforms are always not as easy as they were advertised to us.

Hence if you earn money from the investments free sites, it would be easier and more comfortable to invest in other platforms,

And you can actually stay on an average of 3 to 5 of these investment-free sites, with a little effort and make your passive income daily, weekly and monthly

All you need is your Internet access and a smart phone or laptop. …

A bitcoin wallet for receiving your payouts (for most of the sites)

With a commitment of about 10 minutes to 30 minutes a day…. you are rest assured of earning daily and getting payouts on a weekly or monthly basis

Below are the links: To Earn BITCOIN
Note: you must have a bitcoin wallet before signing up:

1. Moon Bitcoin
BEST claim every 5mins — here just input your email address to create an XAPO WALLET where your Bitcoin goes automatically

2. Home – Daily Free Bits – Win free Bitcoins daily!
Claim every hour

3. Bonus Bitcoin
Claim every 15mins

4. Homepage | BTCClicks Earn Bitcoins – Bitcoin Advertising – Bitcoin PTC
Click on ads

5. Bitcoinker – The Best Bitcoin Faucet, Claim Every 5 Minutes!
Claim every 5mins

Claim as much as you like

Claim as much as you like

Claim as much as you like

You can reach your payouts within a week. …. even though for some you can reach your payouts daily and you have instant withdrawal to your bitcoin wallet..

Others have automated payout system every weekend as long as you reached the minimum payout.

Study, signup with the links shared, and start earning now…..
I highly recommend no 1 to 5, you can pick just one from 6 to 8.

I have IP issues with that’s why it’s not listed.


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