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In the past, we have discussed much about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading here in this blog and in this post, i just want to make a compilation of the posts that we have made in the past in a way that it will help you get around them properly and in order.

Before now, they are basically scattered around and someone bumping into one might actually need to have read some before the one he’s reading so this is not just a compilation of helpful trading articles but also in an ORGANIZED MANNER.

1. Getting Started
First of all, you need to Understand what Trading is all about then Create an account on any of the exchanges.
We have discussed that here: How To Trade Bitcoins In Nigeria – 4 Simple Steps To Get Started

2. Understanding the Concept of Trading better and using that to earn

There are some very basic tips about trading such as the rise and fall of Bitcoin/Altcoins price. You should learn those here: Bitcoin Price Changes | 4 Tips To Predict & Benefit From Trading

3. Bitcoins/Altcoins Marketplace
You need to be in the market in order to trade right? That’s what this does for you: How To Buy | Sell Bitcoins In Nigeria – 4 Websites For Btc Dealers

To know what it’s like trading, @gbolahan has suggested that you check out this platform that gives you some DEMO trading interface.

Bonus: What I Learnt About Forex Trading In 10 Hours

o, guys, that’s what i have now on the topic of trading cryptos. Am sure they will help you get started. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. You just need to take your time to understand what is really going on and you will be good!


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