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The Tao Network is a blockchain public utility in the public trust intended to serve the music industry.

The TAO of Music project is created by a team of futurists and developers to protect and secure artists’ content over a long period of time. TAO of Music is operated as a distributed autonomous organization that can act as a bond between competing blockchain based solutions by various music publishing administration companies.

Specifications of TAO Network

Proof of Stake: 4%
Proof of Work Algorithm: X11
Proof of Work Reward: 1TAO per block, halving 26 times
Block time: 7.5m
Block size: 20MB with Adaptive Block Sizes
Total tokens: 32,000,000 TAO

Screenshot_2017-06-24-11-05-19.png-Tao Review

Screenshot_2017-06-24-11-05-14.png-Tao Review

Involving in music project sounds cool making it promising.

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