Free Bitcoins!!! What Really Is Crypto Rap And How Does It Work?

free bit.jpg-Free Bitcoins!!! What Really Is Crypto Rap And How Does It Work?

I have been seeing some things which aren’t meant to be and it has to do with Crypto Rap we started here on wapreals a few days ago so in this thread, i want to explain it to everyone who does not really understand what it is and how it works. So, if you are new to CryptoRap, please sit up and read through. am sure you will love it!

First of all, the Crypto Rap project is one of the many that you can find here on which is initiated for the sake of waprealers and it serves two purposes:
1. Educational, Engagement
2. Encouragement and Empowerment!

Here’s how it does that:

, Crypto Rap is meant to share some very viatl information and this is evident in the type of things we discuss during the Raps. They are usually critical matters that should needs immediate attention by Investors in the cryptosphere.

Engagement-wise, Crypto Rap is structured to engage  wapreals at the time when we are mostly around and this engagement encourages further sharing of ideas for the better understanding of the topic at hand.

Encouragement-wise, Crypto Rap is also structured to encourage new and young investors in cryptocurrency to pick up and nuture their interest and take it more seriously but we do this in a manner that is both friendly and simplified for the newest of Investors.

Empowerment-wise, one may not really tag it as empowerment as it will be a very small one in comparison with what we know as empowerment in the real world HOWEVER, just as always, we are looking for more creative ways to give back to the wapreals community and the Raps happens to be one of those so, yes, we are still in the habit of giving and we are using the Raps as a channel for that!

How much is Given @ the RAPS?

At the moment, the allocation for Daily crypto Raps is $2.
As always, we hope this grows as our community grows too.

Who wins the $2?
It’s shared between those that comments first with a truly in-line comment not a random one!
So, once the crypto rap thread drops, you are welcome to leave a comment within the first few minutes and also leave your Bitcoin address alongside.

That way, you will be among those that will get the $2.
It will be shared between the first commenters, usually the first 4-5 are chosen! So, each may get $0.5!

Special Bonus
If you leave a very useful comment, even though the comment came very late,
you can still get up to $1 for the comment so, it’s possible to get up to a dollar in crypto rap depending on the relevance and helpfulness of your contribution!

Here are examples of Crypto raps:
Crypto Rap! – Bitcoin Vs Altcoins, Which Will Make You Rich Faster And How?

Crypto Rap! – Litecoin Segwit-ed | Upcoming Crypto & New Trading Tool Unveiled!

Time for the Crpto Rap?
It’s everyday between 7PM – 12PM.

So guys, that’s what the crypto Rap is all about and i hope you are not confused about anything that has to do with the raps anymore and i hope you come around each night to get educated, share with us what you got and also grab your free Bitcoins and don’t forget it’s it’s not on wapreals, free Bitocins is almost always a scam!


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