How To Get Bitcoin Address/id On Xapo, Blockchain, Coinbase Etc

someone just asked me how he can get his Bitcoin address and that reminds me of the fact that there are people out there who doesn’t know how to get their transaction ID or wallet address on their Bitcoin wallet.
So, this thread is dedicated to those who doesn’t know how to get their address from their Wallet.
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What is Bitcoin Wallet?
First of all, your Bitcoin wallet is your identifier. It’s the address to which your BTC will be sent to when you want to buy or collect Bitcoin from somewhere or someone.

That said, there are different ways by which you can obtain your address from your wallet and it largely depends on the wallet you are using. If you are using Xapo, it’s simple and if you are using Blockchain wallet, it’s equally very simple but a little different in this case!

Of course, i have not used all the wallet so i wll be able to provide the steps to get your address only for the wallets i have used. Starting with Xapo!

How to Get your Bitcoin Address from Xapo Wallet

  • First log in to the Xapo app
  • Sign into your Wallet area by clicking on the menu by the left and selecting wallet.
  • Go ahead and input your Pin Code and you are in!
  • Then Click on the Square Bar by the Right just above the Value of BTC you have.
  • It will automatically copy your Bitcoin address to your Clipboard and you just have to paste it anywhere you need it!

That’s how you get your Bitcoin address from Xapo
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Request for the process of getting your address for your Bitcoin wallet with the comment box below if it has not been treated already!


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