Get Free Bitcoins from 23 Faucets That Pay

[Update #50 May 28th, 2017 – I’ve added three paying faucets from Bagi.Co.iN: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum. I’m testing, which has a Bitcoin and Ethereum faucet. I’m also testing The day after I got a payout from, they changed to RailBlocks, altcoin I’m not interested in. I’ve removed them from the list. I moved some faucets that have run dry to the testing list. Bryan]

[Update #48 May 15th, 2017 –, is too good to be true. DO NOT SEND BITCOINS TO MYFAUCET.BIZ FOR “VIP” STATUS! – Bryan]

[Update #29, February 16th, 2017 – My Bitcoin Faucet Guide was originally published on December 31st, 2013. It’s been updated many times, but the version below has been revamped to focus on the few faucets I’ve found that still pay. – Bryan]

Bitcoin’s price has climbed past US$1,000 again, increasing interest in Bitcoin faucets. I’ve put together a list of Bitcoin faucets that pay. Bitcoin faucets aren’t going to make you rich, but each faucet in my list is tested and monitored by me to make sure they pay. If you need more info on Bitcoins, check out my Bitcoin primer.

Bitcoins Raining Down

Bitcoin Faucets

Most Bitcoin faucets work by paying out tiny fractions of a Bitcoin in exchange for loading a page full of ads. There are also sites that pay Bitcoins for watching videos or doing crowd-sourced tasks.

You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, either a standalone client-side wallet or a cloud-based wallet like For Dogecoin faucets, download the Dogecoin wallet.

Here’s my list of 18 faucets I know are paying, roughly in order of preference. Read on for descriptions of how each works.

Get Free Bitcoins from Bitcoin Faucets that Pay

CoinRangePeriodPayoutsWithdrawalSpecial Notes
Bitcoin113 – 11,300 satoshis60 MinsDirect30,000 satoshisBest faucet, period – see review for features
Dogecoin1.20 – 120 Doge60 MinsDirect6 Doge Twin to
Bitcoin50 – 200 satoshis15 MinsDirect50,000 satoshis Redirects, great faucet
Bitcoin20-200 satoshis5 MinsDirect25,000 satoshisRedirects, pays more the longer page sits
Dogecoin.5 – 1.5 Doge5 MinsDirect100 DogeRedirects, pays more the longer page sits.
Bitcoin130 satoshiDirect10 Mins100,000 satoshisThere are small bonuses available, as well as paid features I didn’t test.
Bitcoin40-150 satoshis5 MinsDirect20,000 satoshis Redirects, straight forward faucet
Bitcoin50-250 satoshis30 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, straight forward faucet. (Faucet balance resupplied as of 4/22/2017)
Bitcoin25-250 satoshisEpay5 Mins16,000 satoshisFaucet is buried under a lot of text—just keep scrolling. I’m close to my first payout.
Bitcoin10-100 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubN/ARedirects, double CAPTCHA, adds 1 satoshi to reward for each use
Bitcoin30-10,000 satoshis10 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, double CAPTCHA
Bitcoin30-50 satoshis60 MinsePayN/AStraight forward faucet. Payouts haven’t decreased with the increase in Bitcoin, and I’ve moved it up on the list.
Bitcoin30-50 satoshis60 MinsDirect10,000 satoshis30 second timer on Submit
Bitcoin10-30 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubN/AYou must click through a few webpages, but they’re fast.
Dogecoin0.0725 – 0.225 Doge5 MinsFaucet HubN/AYou must click through a few webpages, but they’re fast.
Ethereum Cryptocoin125 to 400 wei5 MinsEpayN/AYou must click through a few webpages, but they’re fast.
Bitcoin22 – 240 satoshis7 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, double CAPTCHA. Frequently runs dry, but is always refilled. The faucet balance is posted.
Dogecoin0.4 – 15 Doge7 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, double CAPTCHA. Frequently runs dry, but is always refilled. The faucet balance is posted.
Dogecoin0.1 – 10,000 Doge7 MinsFaucet HubDirectAggressive redirects, timer on CAPTCHA. I doubt it actually pays out the high end of the range, but it’s possible. I’ve gotten as much as 5 Doge on a claim. Recently dry.
Bitcoin10-46 satoshis5 MinsFaucet HubDirectRedirects, double CAPTCHA, adds 1 satoshi to reward for each use
Bitcoin40-60 satoshis20 MinsXapoN/ARedirects, double CAPTCHA, adds 1 satoshi to reward for each use. Recently not paying.

Task Sites that Pay in Bitcoin

SiteCryptocoinRangePayoutsPeriodWithdrawalSpecial Notes
BitcoinVariableDirectVariable50,000 satoshisBitcoinGet has a good track record. Surveys, video watching, tasks, and other offers. Pay close attention to what information you’re willing to give for these offers.
BitcoinVariableDirectVariable30,000 satoshisSurveys, video watching, tasks, and other offers. Pay close attention to what information you’re willing to give for these offers.


SiteCryptocoinRangePayoutsPeriodWithdrawalSpecial Notes
Bitgames.ioBitcoin75-300 satoshisDirect60 Minutes70,000 satoshisThere is a lot going on with this faucet, including the main faucet, offers, bonuses, and gambling (which we do not test).
Bitcoin72 satoshis (times two faucets)Faucet
Hub or Coinbase
60 Minutes70,000 satoshisThere are two faucets (Dice Roll and Faucet under Earn). You’ll want to use a FaucetHub or Coinbase address.
Ethereum Cryptocoin93 wei (times two faucets)Direct30 Minutes0.002 EthereumThere are two faucets (Dice Roll and Faucet under Earn).
Bitcoin30-10,000 satoshisDirect15 Mins40,000 satoshisThis site is a gambling site using the rock, paper, scissors metaphor, but they also have a faucet.
Ethereum Cryptocoin0.001-100 EtherDirect60 Mins1 EtherUses the same engine as, and I’m very interested in Ethereum. You’ll need an Ethereum wallet to use this faucet. Waiting on a payment.
Ethereum Cryptocoin0.00000300-0.03 EtherDirect5 Mins0.05 EtherFast faucet paying out in Ethereum.
BitcoinVariable5 MinsDirect20,000 satoshisCollect Tickets, Tickets cashed in once per day for satoshis. Recently ran dry.
Bitcoin138,000-141,000 satoshisDirect120 Mins0.5BTCMy fear is that is a scam. I’m still testing on the off-chance it’s not a scam. WARNING: DO NOT SEND BITCOINS TO THIS FAUCET FOR “VIP” STATUS!
BTC Matrix
N/AN/A24 Hrs100,000 satoshisBTC Matrix is a Ponzi scheme as near as I can tell. Stay away from BTC Matrix. I’ll update this description should I learn anything new. More details on page 2.

Next: Bitcoi is the best Bitcoin faucet in existence. This faucet has operated for years, and pays out on time every week. Its payouts are consistently the highest, and has added two bonuses that bring users even more value.

The faucet works on a “roll” from a random number generator. The highest numbers pay out more. I’ve hit the third payout a few times and the second payout many more. I’ve never seen (or head of) anything higher—I assume the generator is heavily weighted to the lower payouts.

Screenshot from with third tier prize Screenshot with the third tier prize from April, 2017

The first bonus is a weekly lottery where you get two lottery “tickets” with every roll. You can also buy tickets. There are 10 prizes every week—recently from 2.5BTC (!!) down to 0.005BTC.

“Rewards” are the second bonus. You earn two Reward Points (RP) with every roll, and each RP is worth 5 satoshis (satoshi = 0.00000001BTC)—or, you can trade them for goods. As noted by Vic Cypher in the comments, you can use your RP to activate boosts. announced it will pay an annual 4.08% interest on balances of 30,000 satoshis or more. It’s yet another feature making this faucet the best.

One more note, you earn Lottery tickets and RP playing the Hi-Lo game on That’s straight up gambling—I’m not advising people to gamble. Your mileage may vary. is the sister site to, only it pays out in Dogecoin (you’ll need a Dogecoin wallet). This faucet works the same as its big sister, minus the Lottery and Rewards.


BonusBitcoin is straightforward, but you must register with a valid email address. They faucet says the average faucet payout is 198 satoshis, but in my experience, it’s less than that, probably closer to 140 satoshis. But that makes it one of the best faucets, and they pay on manual withdrawals.

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is a different kind of faucet. It adds 1 satoshi to its payout every few seconds. The longer you wait between collections, the slower those satoshis get added, but they add up. After 24 hours, it maxes out. It pays and has been operational for years.

Moon Bitcoin Screenshot

Moon Bitcoin Screenshot

There’s a caveat to this faucet, though—it uses redirects when you hit the Claim Now button after a while. I’m always leery of redirects, so use your good judgement when using this faucet.

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Dogecoin is the sister site to Moon Bitcoin. It works the same way and has the same payout consistency and caveat.


AutoFaucet is one that I’m testing. It pays 130 satoshis and you can claim every 10 minutes. There are some paid features, too, but I won’t be testing those. I’ll update once I’ve received a withdrawal. AutoFacuet’s minimum payout is very high, at 0.001BTC, which does take time to reach. [Update 4/15/2017: I ended up canceling my pending transactions and putting a new one through. It was paid out within the 24 hour window the site advertises, so I’m moving it to the confirmed list.. – Bryan] pays out to FaucetHub immediately. It pays 50-250 satoshis every 30 minutes. It’s a straight forward faucet, easy to use. It’s also one of the better paying faucets. Faucet balance was resupplied on April 22nd, 2017. is a straight ahead faucet. Enter your address, solve the CAPTCHA, submit. You can do it every five minutes, and it pays out on the low side. Note that I’ve also seen a few advertising redirects on this faucet. pays out to Xapo, so you’ll need an account with Xapo to collect. It pays 40-60 satoshis every 20 minutes, starting at 40 and ratcheting up with each use until it maxes out. It then starts over. My withdrawal to Xapo went through immediately.

Dance Faucet

Dance Faucet offers another spin on faucets. You earn “tickets” when you use the faucet, and those tickets are automatically converted to satoshis at the end of the day. The value of each ticket is tied to the advertising revenue generated by the site, and you can cash out when you hit 20,000 satoshis. The important bit is that it pays out. I received a payout today (2/16/2017) in less than 4 minutes. I’ve been waiting a few days for a payment as of 5/10/2017.


BustedFaucet – Despite the (funny) name, this faucet functions. You have to scroll past a lot of basic Bitcoin info to get to the faucet, but it’s down there. My initial testing found the site was pretty aggressive with popup windows, but I haven’t seen any redirects. It pays out to, and my first payout went out on time. starts out at 10 satoshis, with 1 satoshi added each time you claim. That continues up to 100 satoshis, where it starts over. You can collect every 5 minutes, but note that they use a double CAPTCHA. It pays out through FaucetHub—you’ll have to connect the Bitcoin address you use with to your FaucetHub account. Once you do, you can withdraw to FaucetHub. is another old school faucet that survived the faucet apocalypse. Load the page, enter your address, solve the CAPTCHA, submit. The site pays out every seven days, but you have to request said payout. Minimum payout is 3,730 satoshis. Screenshot Screenshot

Lucky BTC Faucet

Lucky BTC Faucet is one I just started testing. But, they pay out immediately to FacuetHub, so I can confirm that they pay. Lucky BTC Faucet pays 30-50 satoshis every five minutes. It uses a double CAPTCHA system. is a very different faucet. You get a tiny amount of satoshis per claim (5 satoshis at first), but you can claim over and over again with a new CAPTCHA automatically loading. I ran through 100 claims for 500 satoshis and earned a bonus where each claim was doubled to 10 satoshis. The next bonus level was 200 more claims, and the third bonus was 200 more claims for a total of 15 satoshis per claim. Those bonuses reset at the end of the day. This faucet pays within 24 hours, but using it requires focus and the ability to get through CAPTCHAs quickly.


Rektbitcoins also pays out directly to Faucethub, meaning I’m adding it to the confirmed list immediately. It pays between 22 and 240 satoshis every 7 minutes, with the odds of winning each reward posted right on the site. They also post the faucet balance, another feature I love.


Rektdogecoins operates exactly like Rektbitcoins, paying out immediately to Faucethub. You’ll need a Dogecoin wallet and address, and you’ll have to add that address to Faucethubs. It pays out between 0.4 and 15 Dogecoins every 7 minutes.

Bitclaim Doge

Bitclaim Doge pays out immediately to Faucethub. You’ll need a Dogecoin wallet and address, and you’ll have to add that address to Faucethubs. It pays out between 0.1 and 9,999 Dogecoins every 5 minutes, though that’s heavily weighted. In practice, you’ll something closer to 1 Dogecoin per claim. This faucet uses aggressive redirects and a timer on the CAPTCHA. pays out to Xapo and uses the same engine as the other Xapo faucets listed. It starts at 22 satoshis per use, ratcheting up to the maximum of 35, where it starts over. My withdrawal to Xapo went through immediately.


DailyFreeBits doesn’t pay out much, but it does pay—the average payout is 55 satoshis. It’s straight forward. Load the faucet, enter your address, solve the CAPTCHA, submit. Withdrawals are manual.


BitcoinReward is not a faucet, but is instead a site that pays users for taking surveys, watching videos (commercials), or doing other tasks. I am leery of some surveys—don’t hand over personal information, for instance—but I’ve done a bunch of tasks. Note that many require Flash, but BitcoinReward has consistently paid out for years.


BitcoinGet is the best tasks-for-BTC site, and the longest operating service. In addition to videos and surveys, BitcoinGet has tasks and “offers.” That includes things like joining Disney Movies and getting a kickback. Pay very close attention to those offers and make sure you’re doing what you think they’re doing. BitcoinGet has been stable for many years.

Testing has a lot going on. The main faucet can be done hourly, and it pays out in “coins” that are currently worth just under a half satoshi each. So far, I’ve seen ranges from 200 coins to 600 coins (100-300 satoshis, making it a well-paying faucet. There are also offers, which I haven’t yet tested, promotions for the most active users, and several gambling games, which I won’t be testing and am not endorsing. – Bitcoin – Bitcoin is another gambling site offering a faucet to attract users. I hope this pays out because it’s good. It has two faucets for Bitcoin and two faucets for Ethereum, and you’ll need an address for both coins to register. The first faucet is “Roll Dice,” which is free. It pays from 72-thousands of satoshis per roll (heavily weighted to the low end). But then you can go to the Earn pulldown menu and choose Faucet, which pays another 72 satoshis. Rinse and repeat every hour. – Ethereum – Ethereum is the other half of the faucet described above, but this one pays Etherrum. You’ll need an address for both Bitcoin and Ethereum to register. The first faucet is “Roll Dice,” which is free. It pays from 93-thousands of wei per roll (a wei is the Ethereum equivalent of a Bitcoin satoshi). But then you can go to the Earn pulldown menu and choose Faucet, which pays another 93 wei. Rinse and repeat every 30 minutes.


BitcoinRPS is a gambling site using the rock, paper, scissors metaphor, plus other games. But, they also offer a faucet paying 30-10,000 satoshis, heavily weighted to the bottom. As with the other sites in my guide, I’m only testing the faucet, which is straight forward and simple.


Free-Etherum is a faucet for Ethereum, another popular cryptocoin. It’s value closely tracts with Bitcoin, and currently has a value north of $65 per Ether. The faucet pays 0.001-100 Ethereum, heavily weighted to the bottom (As with all the faucets, I doubt the highest payouts are truly achievable). You’ll need an Ethereum wallet to use this faucet.


Free-Etherum is a faucet for Ethereum, as above. It pays between 0.00000300 and 0.03000000 Ether per claim, and you can claim every 5 minutes. You’ll need an Ethereum wallet to use this faucet. is a scam, but I’m still watching on the tiny chance that it isn’t. Their payout is orders of magnitude higher than everyone else: 138,000-141,000 satoshis, which is why I assume is a scam. WARNING: DO NOT SEND BITCOINS TO THIS FAUCET FOR “VIP” STATUS!

BTC Matrix

BTC Matrix is nothing more than a ponzi scheme as near as I can figure out. Withdrawals require depositing either your own Bitcoins or having other faucets pay to BTC Matrix. In general, I don’t recommend depositing your Bitcoins into a faucet—faucets are supposed to pay out, not the other way around. In addition, the site’s FAQ says, “As long there are users who are using the faucets from our list, the site will be paying.” That’s not how faucets work. I don’t recommend BTC Matrix—should I learn anything new, I will update this description.



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