Top Bitcoin Mining Pool

1. Antpool :This is the largest bitcoin mining pool.this pool mined 16.6% of the block ,it is located in China and it is a menber of bitmain.bitmain is a company that deal with the production of hardware.Their product are antminer S9.It mines other coin like litecoin,ethereum and has PPS 5% mining fess.

Here is the link to the site 蚂蚁矿池Antpool – 先进的比特币矿池

2.F2pool:this is known to be the second largest bitcoin mining mined 12% of the is equally located in China and it is a Chinese also extend it work by mining litecoin,ethereum and zcash

Here is the link to the site F2Pool – 比特币矿池,莱特币、以太坊矿池

3.Bitfury:According to blocktrail,it is the third largest mining mine 11% of the is also one of the largest production of mining is a private pool .it is base in Goergia

Here is the link to the site Bitfury

4. BTCC :this is an exchange site and also mining mined 8% of the block and it base in China. Transaction fees is shared among miners

Here the link

5.Bixin :this is a new company but has mined 7.1% of the block in the recent base in China.

Here is the link Bixin leading bitcoin wallet

6. Slushpool:This is the first ever bitcoin mining pool to be created and it is one of the best though it is not the largest mined 6% of the base in Czech republic

Here is the link Homepage –

7.BW:This is another china base mined 5.7% of the block.

Here is the link 币网BW.COM-最专业的比特币矿池

8.viaBTC:This is a new company,came online less than a year ago.this is also a cloud mining site just like genesis mining but has mining mined 5.7% of the block so they really do similar things like bitclub can sign up with my affiliates link here to sign contract with them Bitcoin Mining Pool – – ViaBTC

9.BitClub Network: this company do similar work like via btc,offering cloud mining and also has mining mined 4.7% of the block :This is another new company which base in mined 2.8% of the block.

Here is the link Bitcoin – The Internet of Money

From this review,china mined 80% of the bitcoin in the world and 20% are left to other countries.


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