Bitsplan Review: Earn 81btc By Referring 3 Starting From $3.7

Watch The Bitsplan Video

Lols, I was shocked when I saw it. I know it’s nothing for the bigger boys here but trust me, I was really surprised. It’s about $3 and 1k in total and I know the question you have in mind now is, how did it happen?

Well, it’s simple. I signed up for an account on and I donated to someone, so someone signed up under me and humbly did the same thing!

But here’s the interesting thing, I have not posted my link publicly in this forum and the person that signed up under me is a complete stranger!

He didn’t even call me but he paid and that is the power of

Besides this is multi-level marketing and you earn from the efforts you make!

Note: is not HYIP. It’s just like

CrowdRising =

and =
The only difference being that, here you deal in Bitcoins and the process Is a lot more stressless!

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