Bitcoin Vs Altcoins, Which Will Make You Rich Faster And How?

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Here we go!

Is Bitcoin really gonna make you Rich???
Personally, i don’t think so anymore.. at least, not the fastest way to get rich in cryptos these days my dear.. in the presence of crazy cryptos like Ripple, stellar and co.

here’s what i mean…

It’s stable and we are kinda sure that it will not lose half of it’s value in the next week or so but beyond that, what else are we sure of about Bitcoin?

maybe something like..
Oh yeah! Bitcoin’s gonna Hit $2000 by December.

yes my dear, it will. It may even go beyond that by far but if you check it critically, it’s still about 30% increase in how many months?

Dude, wake up. that’s not what we want, i mean, as investors who wanna make some cool cash with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency, such a slow daddy as Bitcoin is not where you get the money you want.

Hold it!
Am not against Bitcoin in any way buddy, as a matter of fact, I BOUGHT SOME HASHING POWER AT GENESIS MINING TODAY

upload_2017-5-8_20-48-24.png-Bitcoin Vs Altcoins, Which Will Make You Rich Faster And How?

sO, am definitely for Bitcoin in a big way for that matter but nay.. Bitcoin ain’t gonna make you rich buddy.. not as fast as you want! LET’S RAP!


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