Bitswift Review: The Business Crypto

BitSwift (SWIFT) bridges the vital gap between business and blockchain. BitSwift is the worlds first decentralized productivity profitability protocol built on top of blockchain and targeted specifically for business. The protocol is open source and defines the incorruptible laws of the network which are distributed across each node cooperating within the BitSwift ecosystem. The BitSwift network blends together the goals of the network with the needs of its users to ensure a productive yet, pleasant, and profitable end user experience. BitSwift indirectly rewards its users for using its services and provides incentive to do so. Instead of financing BitSwift own growth through debt, BitSwift will finance itself and enrich its users simultaneously with the collective participation of the nodes on the network. Bitswift (SWIFT) is a proof of stake and proof of work alternative crypto currency. The proof of stake interest rate is set to 3% annually.

What Bitswift Offers:
-There main goal is to bring end users the pinnacle of mobile payment solutions by providing speed, features, and ease of use.
-Supporters and clients always come first, they pledge to be the first digital currency to offer 24/7 technical support to there users.
-With SWIFT, users can send money anytime, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Transfers take place almost instantly, with absolutely ZERO fees.

Bitswift Modules
BitSwift is composed of modules. Each module will be easily accessible in the GUI and
enabled or disabled on user demand. Disabled modules free up essential processing and
storage resource requirements, ensuring a swift user experience is always guaranteed.
Enabled modules add advanced features as desired to the user experience.
All BitSwift modules will run within virtual machines which will allow save state and easy
migration between devices, thus ensuring performance and security at the core network
level. Just as nodes on the Bitcoin network participate based on decentralized trust,
modules on the BitSwift network will utilize the same concept, thus eliminating “bad
modules” (ex.malware modules)
BitSwift opens up the potential for 3rd party vendors to utilize the BitSwift Decentralized
Block Chain. This allows custom highly sophisticated and scalable block chain applications
to be built that suit their users or business needs

Mac OS

Coin Exchanges:

Growth of Bitswift Overtime:
Bitswift (SWIFT) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations
chart (5).png-Bitswift Review: The Business Crypto

BitSwift network is an all encompassing distributed network using core block chain
infrastructure as the backbone of the network. Modules may be enabled or disabled at will
and on demand via user interface.
BitSwift network provides as much simplicity or intricity as end user desires leading to a custom and tailored cryptocurrency designed for EVERYONE.
BitSwift “Now everyone can harness and embrace the Distributed Power of the Block Chain”

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