Bullioncoin - Ethereum Token For Investment

Bullioncoin – Ethereum Token For Investment

{filename}-Bullioncoin - Ethereum Token For Investment


Bullioncoin is derived from the word “bullion” a gold, silver or precious metal in form of coins, bars or ingots use as investment and trade on market. Bullioncoin is a ethereum based cryptocurrency use mainly for investment and trading, and other activities like buying of goods, paying of sevices and payment of bills.

Bullioncoin is aimed to make buy and sell of goods and services more easy, make holders of bullioncoin earn weekly income, payments of bills made easy, reach the price of $100 per token on markets and make early investors millionaires in short time. All products and services will be traded on Bullioncoin online shopping platform, except those considered to be illegal, destructive or harmful to the planet Earth and its inhabitants, such as illegal drugs, weapons, pornography, racist-related, products of someone else’s or pirated products, harmful foods and anything considered to be damaging or detrimental to the general well- being of mankind and this planet Earth.
Investment of bullioncoin will be made on bullioncoin investment platform, where investors get weekly profits and withdrawal, and bullioncoin will be available on many exchanges where it can be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies and fiats.
Ethereum was realized and developed in the light of Bitcoin. Inventor of Ethereum, he thought that people in the Bitcoin community weren’t approaching existing problems the right way. He also thought that these people were going after individual applications and were trying to kind of explicitly support each in a sort of Swiss Army knife protocol.

The purpose of bullioncoin project is to end poverty for it holders, we saw that there are many human on earth who needs to pay bills,buy goods, electronics, cloths but didn’t have enough money to live a good life, that is the purpose of building bullioncoin for holders to get it at cheap price in early stage and be a millionaire when the growth start to boost, there will be a platform where bullioncoin will be easily exchanged to other forms of money.
Our goal is for bullioncoin to reach $100 per token before 2020, enlighten the world about bullioncoin project to change the lives of many people in the world.

In early 2016 when bitcoins hit $1,000 per coin, people that were not aware of bitcoin at early stage was unable to to buy whole number of bitcoins but get it in decimals, people who were aware of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins became millionaires in dollars especially now that its around $2,800 per coin, that came about invention of bullioncoin, people who missed bitcoin can invest in bullioncoins at early stage and get thousands of coins that will worth million dollars in future.
The bullioncoin team came together in early 2017 and came up with the new crypto-currency that can change every humans life. Teaming up brings us to the success of the new coin called bullioncoin.

Our main mission and goal is to eradicate world poverty through investing in bullioncoin, and other extras like buying of goods, payment of bills and sevices.


{filename}-Bullioncoin - Ethereum Token For Investment
1. INVESTMENT: We will offer investment opportunity for bullioncoin holders where they get a set of percentage of profit weekly, and withrawal is weekly, this investment, bullioncoin holders needed to do nothing than to deposit the amount of bullioncoin they want to invest and get 8 – 10% weekly on their invest.

{filename}-Bullioncoin - Ethereum Token For Investment
2. BUY GOODS AND PAY FOR SEVICES: This is the buying of goods on the online store, like buying of electronics, appliances, cloths, beauty cosmetics, phones and other available items. And also for paying for services and bills.

{filename}-Bullioncoin - Ethereum Token For Investment
3. ADVERTISEMENT: This is the advertisement of your products or services on the web, advertisement of illegal drugs, weapons, pornography, racist-related, products of someone else’s or pirated products, harmful foods will not be entertained.

Q: What makes the bullioncoin different?
A: Eradicate poverty.

When the application is decentralized, everyone in the Ethereum blockchain can benefit from immutability. This means that a third party is not allowed to make any changes to data. The applications based on the principle of Ethereum smart contract are protected against tamper and corruption. The network is using cryptography for security which protects the Ethereum-based network from fraudulent activities and hacking attacks. Additionally, there’s no central point of failure and the network can never go down nor be switched off.
A decentralized service has a future of unimagined possibilities where hundreds of market sectors such as Real Estate, Insurance and Finance can find excellent opportunities in the blockchain market when plugged into the Ethereum network.The platform presented in this paper attempts to define the protocols in Ethereum and proposes a stable cryptocurrency system based on Ethereum smart contract to address the existing real-world currency challenges.
People recognizing the value of cryptocurrency technology and joining the cryptocurrency ecosystem widely recognize the drawbacks surrounding the existing monetary system and stable currency. These drawbacks include the increase likelihood of fluctuations in the value of their wealth in the real-world currency. While these fluctuations are typically small when compared to cryptocurrency they are still worth noting. For instance, a stable currency like USD is subject to devaluation due to economic inflation whereas, cryptocurrency continue to mitigate issues surrounding stability of value.
Cryptocurrency technology promotes immediate settlement especially to demanding sectors such as Insurance and Real Estate. For example, purchasing real estate properties will typically involve a third party such as a notary and lawyers. Not to mention the payment of fees and delays that are involved in the process, Ethereum smart contracts are enforced and designed to eliminated third party approvals and reference external facts to complete necessary purchase procedures at a specific time for a fraction of the expense required for asset transfers. In a decentralized environment, everyone can expect lower to no transaction fees for services and cryptocurrency exchanges since everyone is already compensated by the Ethereum network.
Cryptocurrency is widely recognized at a universal level. This means physical and digital goods and services can be sold and purchased without transaction charges, interest rates nor government regulations when done in different geographic locations. Anyone who wants to engage their products and services in the blockchain technology has free access to the open marketplace in an international level without experiencing any problems. Ethereum operates at a universal level which makes every transaction simple and easy.
The biggest advantage of a stable cryptocurrency system is perhaps recognized by merchants and traders from different market sectors. Ethereum-based environment allows them to achieve mutual exposure to publicly list their organizations and offered services. It provides an innovative platform that uses the smart contract for fast processing, and un- interruptive processing to consumers while boosting the organization’s reputation, legitimacy and public status by accepting Bullioncoin tokens.
Both consumers and vendors will get an online advantage of using Ethereum-based network. A stable Ethereum-based marketplace can allow merchants to use the applications to cut down showrooms while consumers get their best deals in a secure and convenient manner. Having introduced the basic concepts behind Ethereum technology, we will discuss how the proposed project can bring a huge difference to the market sector.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000 BLX
PLATFORM: Ethereum


Q1 2017

1. Domain and hosting acquisition
2. Logo asset acquisition
3. Development of website
4. Creation of ICO Portal
5. Token creation and Smart Contract Deployment
6. Announcement of project
7. Marketing and Advertising
8. Token Distribution

Q2 2017

– Exchange Listing
– Coinmarketcap Listing
– Web Wallet

Q3 2017

– Creation Investment Portal

Q1 2018

– Creation Online Shopping Store

Cordinator/ Marketing Manager : Samuel Charles

Core Developer : Abioye Usman

Grapich Designer : Samuel Charles

Web Programming and Designing : Abioye Usman

– Official Website : www.bullioncrypto.info
– Whitepaper: Whitepaper.pdf
– Facebook : www.facebook.com/groups/bullioncoin
– Slack :www.bullioncoin.slack.com
– Support : support@bullioncrypto.info


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