Cryptogame Project – A Investment Game To Gamify Investment Altcoins Investment

Genesis of CryptoGame

Yesterday night, I was looking at the cryptocurrency list at coinmarketcap and I realized a number of things. Plus, I zoomed out on my experience with Cryptocurrency Trading, investment and all and found out that it WASN’T/HASN’T BEEN FUNNY. It’s been fun but not funny!

Brief intro to CryptoGame

After studying most of it all in a way I haven’t done before, I realized that I could possibly enhance the whole process of Cryptocurrency Trading in my own way and this I could do by Gamification. Instead of treating it like one uphill task for established companies and some guy behind some large googles(specs), we can do it our own way, possibly play with it like a game and have fun while making some gains, recording some loses but ultimately progressing at the same time!
I chose to call this game CryptoGame.
This is a game and it’s under development. You play at your own risk.

More facts about CryptoGame

It’s still under development
There’s no guarantee of winning
As it is a game, you can win and you can lose but play by the rules and you will stand better chances of winning!
Each move in the game has a purpose, learn it, adopt it, use it and you’ll be good.

How is the Game Played?
That’s what we talk about next! Stay close

Meanwhile, let’s create this game and work on it as our own cryptocurrency project. I pray it succeeds and I know that it will succeed if we put in the right effort and with God’s favor too.

Don’t forget to have fun!


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