Donationcoin Review

Donationcoin Review

Finally, a community Cryptocurrency coin have been created for cryptolovers to help one another.

What’s DonationCoin?

DonationCoin are peer-peer network which form a digital currency and a secure transaction network

DonationCoin is been created to enable people to help each other worldwide in order to live a better world,it’s also a new digital currency created for growing, shearing and charitable donation.

DonationCoin can be exchangeable for good and services,its minable,availability of faucet claiming and coin can be bought from website by installation of their wallet.


Donationcoin (DON) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap

Screenshot_20170811-173903.png-Let's Help Ourself While We Are Still Alive.
⌛ There are many ways to have DonationCoin

Faucet – A faucet is a website that gives away a small amount of a coin. It is usually paid for by a lot of advertising or, more rarely, used to help newcomers gain better understanding of using their wallet but, you are welcome to return as many times as you like.

Mine – Transactions are moved along the blockchain by a process called mining. When you mine, you are rewarded for your computational power and electricity you use for helping.

Buy – Websites that sell cryptocurrencies are called exchanges. Usually you will need to obtain Bitcoin before buying Donationcoin with it.

In addition, you can earn Donationcoin by helping the project and they pay you

Donationcoin from the premine! You can contact charities, contact exchanges, help promote, help develop, or any way you can dream up, they would love the help! If you are interested in helping Donationcoin help people make charitable donations and therefore; helping charities and people in need.

For Wallet Installation click Download a Donationcoin wallet

To buy donationCoin visit

Buy Donationcoin

For mining: DonationCoin – – Login

Faucet claiming:

Donationcoin faucet

Link for press release:


DonationCoin is yet to be listed on any exchange.

For more: Donationcoin

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