Golem Cryptocurrency Investment Discussion! Rent Out Your Pc Resources & Get Paid!

Am sure you have not heard of this cryptocurrency called Golem. It’s foreign to me too. But I took some time to learn about it and am impressed about what these guys are working with.
So, I want to Share what I have learned so far so you can invest if it catches your interest.

What does Golem do?

Golem wants to connect people’s computer together so they will rent it out to other people on the Internet such that those using the power provided by the connected computers will be paying for it while those that are renting out their computer power will get paid for doing so!

That’s genius. I mean, this idea of renting out computer is not entirely new as that’s what we do when we mine with a pool but this time around, you are not mining for Golem, instead you are getting paid for letting someone on the golem network make use of your PC. That’s epic and one that cannot be ignored!

Investing in Golem!

I look at how big this thing as I always do before I invest and I see that I myself have a chance of using the golem service in the future.

If I have present need for such as simple as my daily activities are, that means there are a lot more that can be done with this. Companies will not want to develop their own networks anymore if golem can be trusted. They will simply rent spaces and resources on golem and let it handle the work for them.

One epic use of Golem that applies to me involves:
Cost of web hosting.

Web hosting companies usually buy hardware and all to host websites and this can be extremely costly and old equipments needs to be replaced.

But with golem, there’s neither need to buy such nor replace too. In fact you get the best of possible speed and operational advantages because you have unlimited access to as much as you need when you need it which will help you not to buy more than you need at any point in time.

I know there are limitations but they are not bigger than those which have been solved in the past and besides, once golem start getting serious attention from different people, it will mean a lot of other developers keying into this and helping develop it further pushing the boundaries.

Wow, I know that seems like golem has hired me to do this but actually, I didn’t take conscious notice of them until a few hours ago when I started studying them that’s why I don’t have any statistics on them except one… 1 Golem = $0.02 which is see as a very good thing and opportunity to buy too!

Buying Golem

I bought some through poloniex.com and I’ll encourage you to do the same!
You can buy even with a dollar and that will get you some of these future possible Kings in Cryptocurrency.

Wanna buy golem? Learn how I did it here: [poloniex.com] Convert Any Cryptocurrency To Another – Also Fund With Bitcoins!

Growth of Golem?

If you wanna know what I think about how fast this golem will develop, I will say that from what I saw in their graph, they are doing something out there which they might not have done before because for quite some time their growth graph have not been so good, been rather steady except for a few days or weeks ago when they actually started rising.

But that’s the push they need. They need people to understand what’s going on with their coin and then get it out there as a service for people to use.
From what I learned also, last year was mostly for development of the system and this year looks like the year in which they will take this to another level.

In summary, I see golem hitting $1 before the end of this year. Of course, most of the work lies on their part as a company. If they go out there and ignite themselves in people’s mind, they will start rising!

So, $1 before the end of this year is what am expecting from Golem.

Similar Cryptocurrencies to Invest In!

Yes, I invested in similar cryptos and they include

1. Factom
You can learn about this company and my thoughts about them here:=> Promising – Factom, My Next Crypto Investment And Why You Should Not Be Concerned!

2. Dash
Dash is kinda different but a very promising one too.
Here we go! What Is Dash-coin? Come In Let’s Discuss!

Oh yes! Am hopeful about what Golem will bring to the world and I hope to be an active part of it all. I wanna invest and also use the Golem coin for what it’s built for.

Wanna learn more about the golem cryptocurrency? Please go here = Golem


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